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Get the look- Top Celebrity Hairstyles

With the scorching heat of summer we often tend to get a little lax in the hair department. I mean how easy is it to pull your hair up in a messy bun and pony? And even though we have posted super cute and easy do’s for summer in recent weeks the secret to getting the look always starts with a great cut. And nothing can replace that!

Somehow there are always hair style icons that we want to copy and can’t seem to get enough of. Hands down Jennifer Aniston’s from the early days of “Friends” until her current longer but still silky mane with minimal fringe consistently rates at the top of the list for most coveted locks. But there are a few other celebs that rank right up there as well.

Jessica Biel

Topping the list Jessica Biel (currently seen alongside Bradley Cooper in the A-Team) has a sexy tousled look that can’t go wrong. Get the look by adding graduating shades of honey- colored highlights to medium or deep brown hair. Biel’s length falls just three inched past the shoulders with a slight fringe in the front to add volume. After blow drying, hair is curled with a 1 inch barrel and pinned to lock in the curls, then shake out hair with fingers and brush lightly at the bottom to recreate the look..

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes’ latest look as seen in W Magazine is all the rage for those who want a sultry peek- a- boo bang. Get this look by cutting bangs straight across approximately half way down the bridge of the nose, once the bangs dry they will be the perfect length….not too short and not too long to obstruct your view. Slightly fringed layers around the face round out this siren’s style. A variation of deep chocolate browns give dimension to raven hair to keep it from looking dull.

Lauren Conrad

California “It” girl and “style maven” Lauren Conrad’s highly coveted locks are a must do for blondes seeking a sun kissed look. The honey color is a perfect mix of two to three shades of blonde from medium to light. But buyer beware, this look requires the technique of a professional so resist trying the DIY method. To get Laurens curls use a ½ inch barrel curling iron and divide hair into 1 inch section, curl then pin to lock in the curls. Once the hair is set brush to smooth into a sleek style.

Carey Mulligan

And Carey Mulligan’s short do has been creating a sensation since she first loped off her locks back in 09. Her recent switch from brown to platinum is reminiscent of Jean Seberg in the 60’s cult film “Breathless”. This look again requires the hands of a pro so bring in a photo and ask for a one- color platinum from the roots to tip instead of adding any highlights. The key to maintaining this look is regular cuts and touch ups every 3-4 weeks to keep it looking fresh and new.

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