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Get High Quality, Eco-Friendly Extensions at Ashley’s Hair Extension Studio in Scottsdale

Of all the fleeting trends in beauty, long luscious locks are always in style. Whether you’re eagerly waiting to grow your hair out or just wanting to thicken and lengthen your mane, hair extensions give the illusion of naturally long and voluminous hair.

Ashley’s Hair Extension Studio in Scottsdale aims to provide her clientele with just that and more. Owner Ashley Adjudani chooses to work with only higher-grade extensions and eco-friendly hair products to ensure both natural hair and extensions maintain their health and natural appearance.

AFM chatted with Ashley to find out what the hair extension process is like, how to care for hair extensions and what makes Ashley’s Hair Extension Studio especially awesome.

Ashley Photo 1

Ashley Adjudani of Ashley’s Hair Extension Studio

AFM: Please provide some background on yourself –
Ashley: Growing up in a smaller town in the South I always has a passion for the beauty industry my entire life so I knew the city is where I needed to be. I was very determined to take my career a step further and pursued exclusive training by a leading hair care company in Beverly Hills, California. I was also given the opportunity to work with highly respected names in Hollywood and gained the skills and knowledge that has made me prosper this far in my career. I am currently working on launching my own exclusive line of hair extensions, which is a new and exciting adventure that I am excited to see come to fruition.

AFM: How is your salon/studio different from others?
Ashley: Instead of a noisy, crowded salon, I have a private studio in Scottsdale where I get to work one-on-one with my clients! A lot of clients like to be discreet and my salon gives you a lot of privacy. It’s a cozy and peaceful environment.

Inside Ashley's Hair Extension Studio in Scottsdale

Inside Ashley’s Hair Extension Studio in Scottsdale

AFM: For someone who has never had hair extensions, what is the process like?
Ashley: First call or email me to book your FREE consultation! During the consultation I will match your natural hair with my color wheel to ensure the correct color is blended and looks as natural as possible. I also like to address any concerns or hesitations a client may have at this time so that you are comfortable with the process.

Next, we will discuss the length and determine the correct texture and method that’s right for YOU. There are various techniques that can be used by I like to recommend the Micro-link extension technique which does not use braiding nor glue. The extensions are applied to the natural hair with round colored coils that match the natural color of your hair. It is applied strand by strand similar to your own and because of this it will move just like your own. We’ll pick a custom package suitable to your needs and in just a couple of days you can have that long, thick, gorgeous hair of your dreams! The two weeks following the installation there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you need an adjustment or fill I will gladly see you at no charge to you!

AFM: How expensive are they?
Ashley: It all depends on the desired package that the client may want. Depending on lengths and style the price will differ. Smaller amounts of hair cost less than those who wish for more hair for a fuller look.

Before and after extensions, courtesy Ashley's Hair Extension Studio

Before and after extensions, courtesy Ashley’s Hair Extension Studio

AFM: After you get your beautiful extensions at the salon, how can you best maintain and care for them at home?
Ashley: Extensions may be treated as regular hair but long hair always needs special attention. We offer quality products and special brushes that can be purchased for home use. To ensure proper upkeep and quality for my clients I recommend products like Saryna Key Damage Repair Butter, Saryna Key Damage Repair Treatment and Aloxxi Salon Color & Care Essential Cleansing Shampoo, which contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, shea oil and essential oils. I also provide a detailed post care instruction sheet to take home once you have completed your application of extensions.

AFM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Ashley: My goal is to provide women with the long, luscious hair they have always wanted. I urge girls to do their research when it comes to hair extensions. Many salons boast such low prices because their methods are cheap themselves and often cause damage to your natural hair. I always want to make sure that your own hair is not compromised by properly installing your hair extensions. I take pride in delivering unsurprised quality and service to meet all of my clients individual needs and wants. I reassure you that your hair will be treated the same as if it were my own. I only buy Grade A quality, human hair at wholesale prices and pass along every bit of savings to you!

Hair extensions are an investment, so invest wisely.

Ashley’s Hair Extension Studio is located at 7337 E. Shea Blvd. in Scottsdale, and can be reached by calling 480-809-7700.

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