Celebrity Hair Don’ts

This morning I came across an email with 50 celebrity hair disasters and how real women can avoid them. Of course nothing is better blog fodder than a little celeb faux pas. Though I must admit some were the result of nothing more than a poor unsuspecting star left high and dry at the hands of some stylist wielding a bad color brush or perhaps a bit of overzealous product usage….and who hasn’t been there? Why just yesterday my husband found some rather striped hair color moments of mine with tragic two- inch caramel colored streaks running throughout the front of my hair…this begged the number one questions…What was I thinking??? Some of the celebrity looks…well let’s just say these women must have been on whatever Pamela was on the other night on Dancing with the Stars because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to look this way on purpose ie; Courtney Love.

In any case we have all made mistakes in the hair department and luckily we don’t have to have every moment captured on film. The good news is that we can learn from these good, bad and ugly moments and use them to our advantage.

Here were some of my favorites

Pamela Anderson living an Amy Winehouse moment- I actually needed a second to be sure that I wasn’t actually looking at Dolly Parton, but no it’s true this is Pamela. Clearly, if even Ms Anderson can’t pull this off very few of us can. For real life try to keep your bumpit and teasing to not more than an inch or so off your head otherwise it just looks so very wrong, unless of course you have a microphone in your face and you are from across the pond.

Vanessa Williams’ hair identity crisis- I have never understood the theory behind half straight/ half curly hair…can someone please explain? Does this mean I like curly hair but not around my face? Or I am too afraid to commit to just one look? So here’s the deal ladies… if you are going for a front slicked only look…be darn sure that the front is actually slicked tight to your noggin and your curls are more contained than this frizz bomb. When you are contemplating this kind of look think to yourself…. what would JLo do?

Bangs gone wild – Several celebs had bang issues whether they were too long or too short. I’m not just talking about being victim of some scissor happy stylist or being in the growing out phase, I am talking about the wrong length…period. If you are going for a longer bang be sure to have your stylist cut a little texture into your bangs so that you can do a side sweep if need be instead of just stick straight hair in your face. Nicolette Sheridan and Elle McPherson might have gone a bit overboard while Courtney Love looks like she let Frances Bean cut her hair after an all night bender.

Overuse of products – as noted we have all been there, but crispy little wispies never look flattering. Remember it’s hair…it is meant to move not to stay put for hours on end like Demi Moore and Sheryl Crows bangs here. Try using a lightweight grooming cream like Kiehl’s Crème with Silk Groom instead of a heavy gel.

And lastly…. Never let them see your clip in’s honey… In Britney’s defense what were her options after her head shaving incident? Just don’t try this at home!

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