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Be Well Wednesday at Agave, The Arizona Spa


Aaaah the spa. It’s been awhile since I’ve been and Oh how I miss it! Other than shopping, there’s really no greater way to spend the day than in a nice fluffy robe getting pampered.

For all of you that are in need of some pampering too, Agave, The Arizona Spa at the Westin Kierland Resort is now launching a cool program for Valley residents called “Be Well Wednesday.” Available the second Wednesday of each month, the special is aimed to de-stress all of us who have loads of tension from all the economic turmoil. Just show proof of residence (like your drivers license or an electric bill with ID) and you’ll get any of the following:

  • A 30% discount on all spa and salon services
  • A 20% discount on all retail items
  • Complimentary Wellness Walks with Agave’s fitness instructors
  • Nutrition and fitness consultations with Agave’s experts
  • Acupuncture consultation and analysis
  • Special spa retail gifts
  • And a sampling of the latest Agave spa and wellness therapies

If you choose to participate, you’ll also receive special e-mail promotions, discounts for upcoming events and free salon upgrades on your birthday.

Agave has also recently expanded its massage offerings to include treatments that focus on connecting the wellness of mind and body and are influnenced by the Far East. The new treatments include Acupuncture, Wellness Massage and Tui’Na and are all aimed at stress reduction.

If you haven’t visited Agave, The Arizona Spa yet I’ll tell you that it’s definitely worth a trip. The property itself is gorgeous and a spa visit entitles you to complimentary use of the Westin workout facility, movement classes, sauna, steam room and whirpool.

Check with Agave prior to your visit as they often offer seasonal treatments. I went in the summer for a pink grapefruit facial that was absolutely decadent and made my skin feel super fresh. There’s all-day packages if you wish to go that route (I highly recommend) or treatments a la carte if you can’t dedicate a full day to pampering.

If I were to book an appointment now, here’s what I’d sign up for:

Agave Spa Journey “Blue Agave”

You receive a 50-minute body therapy, massage and facial. You also get a 50-minute scalp massage and an on-the-go manicure and pedicure. You need to alot 6 hours for this visit but I’m thinking, the time would be well worth it! And you’d probably go home feeling like a totally pampered noodle.

For more info,, 480.624.1500.


  • Anya says:

    This is a great deal, a good incentive to visit the spa mid-week. And, this place is across the street from where I live, yippee!

  • Hillary Pinks says:

    agave at westin is a great spa. so large and comfy, while also being really chic.

  • Sue says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a day at agave and let me tell you, it was wonderful!! But even with discounts, I’m afraid I can’t budget a return trip these days.

  • Diana says:

    I’ve was fortunate enough to get a massage a few weeks ago and I definitely recommend one. Although massages have never been top priority when it comes to me, I definitely think it’s something I’d like to do more frequently, if I’m able to.

  • Alice says:

    Sounds like a fun time. However, I don’t know if I’d like my scalp massaged for 50 minutes

  • Meliss says:

    Wow, i could really use aspa treatment right now, actually not one but many!!!

  • Dalia says:

    Proof of residence for spa treatments?

  • Good stuff to know, & great write-up! I spent some hours here. Kepp it coming!

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