From Babylights to Balayage – Discover Your Fall Hair Look

A great style for an oval-shaped face

Guest post by stylists Autumn Hardy and Stephanie Borgman from MY SALON Suite Gainey Ranch

Fall has officially arrived and so have the trends – Babylights, balayage, braids and bobs are popular this year as the weather cools down.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help determine what color trend and cut best complements your skin tone and face shape.

Recommend styles for shapes:

Oval Shape, Light Skin, Warm Blonde Ombre
Oval Shape, Light Skin, Warm Blonde Ombre
  • Oval: An oval face shape lends itself well to lots of trendy styles – your options are open!
  • Oblong: Long layers on top with minimum height, such as a graduated bob, can help soften your overall look.
  • Square: Height in your crown will work in your favor, as well as short and medium lengths – they create a rounding effect.
  • Round: Longer styles that keep close to the cheek are flattering for round faces.
  • Diamond: Styles that add width at the chin and looks that tuck accentuate diamond-shaped faces’ cheekbones.
Heart Shape, Light Skin, Strawberry Blonde baby lights
  • Heart: Textured chin length and a side-swept fringe is a must for heart-shaped faces.
  • Triangle: Layers around the jaw can help soften a sharp-looking line.

Current color trends for fall are “warm,” leaning toward golden, strawberry, copper, burgundy and eggplant shades that can complement any skin tone.

Oval Shape, Medium skin, Burgundy Base with subtle copper balayage

Recommended guidelines for color shades:

  • Light skin: golden, strawberry, bright copper
  • Medium skin: Medium copper, wine, burgundy
  • Dark skin: Eggplant, auburn, deep chestnut
Heart Shape, Light Skin, Strawberry Blonde baby lights
Heart Shape, Light Skin, Strawberry Blonde baby lights

It’s a fun time for color placement and techniques. A few keywords to use in your stylist consultation are “babylights,” “balayage” and “ombre.”  Although fairly similar in style, each of these techniques has their differences:

  • Babylights: are used to give subtle dimension from regrowth to ends while maintaining a natural placement. This is a beautiful technique hair of all lengths – anyone can pull this look off.
  • Balayage: French for “sweeping,” this technique is beautiful for a pop of color throughout while keeping the base tone as the majority. This look is beautiful for any length, from bobs to long hair.
  • Ombre: a gradual blend from one color to the next, this look will give you the most contrast from regrowth to ends and usually is suited best for long hair.

Lastly, when it comes to those beautiful fall styles, you can’t go wrong with tousled curls, incorporating a braid and topknots big or small.


Ultimately, your style choices are your own, so don’t be afraid to talk candidly to your stylist about your hair goals.

Autumn Hardy, Hair Extension Specialist

Instagram: @autumnhardyhair

I have been behind the chair for 17 years and have been blessed beyond measure to have a passion for my craft. After traveling around the United States for education 3 years ago, I landed on an amazing opportunity as a National Educator for Hairdreams Hair Extensions. Creating looks with extensions as well as with hair color truly is my love.

Stephanie Borgman
Instagram: @chapter2studio

I have been behind the chair for 10 years. From Beverly Hills to now Scottsdale, I have had so many educational opportunities. My passion is everything from balayage, ombre, cut, bridal and Brazilian blowouts. I am thankful to have the best clientele and cant wait to grow my business even bigger.

MY SALON Suite Gainey Ranch is located at 7704 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Scottsdale, AZ  85258.
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