5 Tip For Healthy, Shiny Hair

Do you ever just have those days, you know the ones where you wake up and something is wrong, your skin looks a tad rough or your hair looks ridiculously dull or lifeless? So how exactly did this happen, I mean just yesterday I looked fine. Well, the truth is that dealing with daily changes in weather, environmental issues, sleep patterns and diet all play a part in how your skin and hair react every day. So how can you overcome the obstacles and keep looking your best round the clock?

Here are a few of my top tips to keep your hair healthy, shiny and sexy 24/7.

Look for shampoos that contain naturally derived cleansers. Ditch the brands that contain sodium lauryl sulfates or any questionable sulfates for that matter. Phyto, Ojon and Intelligent Nutrients all use natural cleansers.

Use the products the way they are supposed to be used. First emulsify the products in your hand then apply shampoo to your scalp and conditioner to your hair. A hairstylist once told me your scalp loves shampoo…and your hair loves conditioner. Guess what… she was right! There is really no need to over cleanse the ends of your hair when the shampoo is going to work it’s way there anyway when it’s rinsed. And too much conditioner on your roots is often the culprit to thinning and greasy hair.

Use a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment once a week to keep hair strong and shiny. Remember to keep it on the hair without globbing it on the roots. Leonor Greyl and Aveda both make great masks that don’t weight hair down.

Learn not to burn! Far too many people are overusing their blow dryers, curling and flat irons causing dryness, breakage and dull locks. Whenever you use a heated hair tool start first with a thermal spray to protect the hair shaft. When blow drying it’s best to start with your dryer on low and dry with your fingers first then when hair is close to being dry, switch to a higher heat and finish with a round or boar bristle brush. To diffuse the heat even further, tilt your blow dryer downwards on an angle instead of up towards the hair. The same goes for irons, always try to start with a lower heat and don’t let the iron linger for too long in the hair.

Skip a day. Whenever possible try not to wash your hair every day which can lead to dryness. Instead wash every other day and style hair without using heated tools. Use velcro rollers on occasion and use a good brush and snag free hair bands and headbands to pull hair back without breakage.

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