5 Steps to Get Gorgeous Fast

Like most weekends when other people are actually relaxing, I am generally on a shoot or doing makeup for special occasions on clients. This past weekend I had a pretty full agenda that required me to run straight from a booking to a cocktail party. And I have to say there is nothing like doing makeup for eight hours then trying to look cute on the fly.

Luckily over the years I have figured out some time saving tips that have me looking spiffy in no time.

If you have time give your skin a 3 minute facial. Cleanse the face thoroughly then use a gentle scrub like Kate Somerville Exfolikate with synthetic beads and a chemical exfoliator like lactic acid that will invigorate skin and give you a glow. Once the exfoliation is done, add a dab of facial oil like Clarins Santal Facial oil and massage on to help hydrate and plump up fines lines.

Next, while the oil is sinking in take a few minutes to refresh your hair. Turn your head upside down and brush through from roots to ends. If possible mist hair with a thickening spray like Bumble and Bumble then hit it with a blow drier to add a bit of volume. Part hair on the side and section hair into five sections, then using a large barrel curling iron or flat iron, turn the ends under or wrap hair around the iron to add a wave.

If a blow drier or curling iron are not available brush hair back into a pony tail and slick it back with a shine serum like Kiehls Silk Groom Serum. Or, wrap hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Finish the look by adding a thin elastic headband.

Next for a super sexy but quick makeup, first smooth on a luminous foundation like Armani Fluid Silk Foundation, then add a dab of concealer below the inner corners of the eye. Next powder and a pink blush with a bit of shimmer looks fresh and party ready.
For eye try a thick line of black liner winged slightly at the end, then add a bit of shimmer on the inner corner for a modern Holly Golightly look. Curl lashes and add two-three coats of mascara to lend a bit of drama. Next slick on a pink or berry colored gloss like Sangria by Becca Cosmetics and you are ready to go.

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