2012 Must-Try Hair Trends

Last night, I had the pleasure of dining at Hanny’s in downtown Phoenix with a group of Phoenix and Scottsdale’s up and coming tastemakers. Everyone from fashion bloggers to makeup artists to photographers were present, enjoying each other’s company amongst yummy pizzas and tasty summer cocktails.

With a group like this, style and beauty were first on the list of conversation topics (not to mention on display, these gals and gentleman sure know who to dress to impress). Though accessories, thrifting, and purses each had their own time, the conversation was dominated by hair! So today I thought I would continue the conversation and share some of my favorite current hair trends.


This is by far my favorite hair trend, mostly because it is the one trend I’ve been sporting for almost a year now. Just like any other hair do not all bangs are alike. You can try a heavy bang like Zooey Deschanel

Or a wispy side bang a la Reese Wihterspoon…. I even found out you can get your very own clip-on bangs, what do you think about that?

A trend that has made its way on what seems to be the head of every gorgeous actress and model is the Ombre look.

Our favorite California girl, Lauren Conrad shows us that the trend isn’t just for brunettes. Her ombre look is subtle and makes for the perfect beach hair.

Jessica Biel is another celeb that went the subtle route for a chic look… The key is to go just a few shades lighter than your natural hair color to avoid the ends of your hair from looking dry, dead, or fried… or all three.

Red hair, if you’ve tried it then you know it is the most difficult of trends to maintain; however, it is also entirely worth it.

According to Cunningham, anyone can go red — no matter their age or skin tone — provided they follow a few simple rules. “For a natural look, choose a color a real redhead would have,” advises Cunningham. “You can’t pick out a weird purple-blue. Red is the hardest color to get in and the hardest to get out, so you have to be confident in your decision before you commit. My advice: Get it while it’s hot!” via refinery29.com

So now go and find your inner Emma Stone!

Let us know what current hair trend you are trying and why you love it!

By Kristianne Young

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