2 Hair Care Lines for Healthy Hair

So, I confess that I have been kind of obsessed with hair lately. Due to the
superfine baby-like texture and thinning condition of my own hair, I somehow
find myself staring at and mentally dissecting other people’s mane’s. Bizarre
yes, but I certainly am not trying to be a creeper… Due to my own lackluster
follicle situation I have kept my hair shorter for the past few years to give
the illusion of thicker hair. But the older I get with a Botox free face the
better I look with longer hair. And thus the dilemma begins…

The other little issue here is that I kind of dislike using styling products on
myself. Perhaps I’ve had a dozen too many trips to the salon where I left
smelling like a can of hairspray or maybe it’s the idea of all those chemicals
just sitting there until they are washed out the next day… Or maybe it was
that trip to the South years ago while at a huge golfing tournament when dozens
of men throughout the day kept telling me how much they loved my hair and asking
if they could touch it…. At the time I could not figure out what alter
universe I had stepped into where people thought I had great hair, but after a
survey of the party landscape I realized that I was something these Southern men
had never seen before…. I was a hair alien…A women without mall bangs, whose
locks were not saturated with a tub of Dippity Do then super teased and
plastered with Aqua Net… My hair was flat and natural and at that time and
place I was out of place.

So all of this has led me to seek out shampoos, conditioners and the occasional
leave-in that really do make your hair silky and soft not unruly without the use
of gel or mousse.

And my latest obsession is Rahua the synthetic, paraben and sulfate free line
that derives its potent ingredients from the oil of the rahua nut and ungurahua
oils found in the Amazon. The products seek to nourish the hair follicle from
within, rather than the usual – coating it in silicone to create an artificial
shine. (Love that) The line contains two shampoos and conditioners – regular
and volume along with a finishing treatment, an intensive elixir and a hair
spray. rahua.com

But I also adore the Horst Rellenbacher line Intelligent Nutrients. How much
better can you get than a hair care line that’s certified organic and so pure
you could ingest it? If you don’t know of Horst, he’s the guy that created
Aveda, back when it was pure, before Estée’ Lauder bought it and changed all the
formulas. My favorite is the Harmonic line not only for the way it makes my
hair feel… But like the original Aveda shampoo… The smell just makes me feel
happy. intelligentnutrients.com

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