10 Foods for healthy hair!

There is no shortage of info out there with eating tips to keep your skin healthy. Anti-oxidants, water, fruits and veggies and so on, but what about your hair?  Yes, it’s true many of the things that help your skin will also help your hair but there are a few others as well.

If you’re hair is looking and feeling lackluster eating the proper foods can definitely give those locks a boost, but don’t be fooled into thinking that if you have fine, thin hair that after eating these dietary wonders you will suddenly have a Rapunzel- like transformation.  And the same goes for those magic little pills that promise  longer, thicker hair…. Healthier hair maybe, but I wouldn’t bet money on the chances of a supplement changing the entire circumference  and texture of your hair into supermodel caliber. But, these 10 can definitely help give you a naturally healthy scalp which leads to healthier hair.

10 Foods that help make hair healthy

1 Salmon – salmon is packed with Omega 3’s , protein, B12 and iron.  The omegas are essential for scalp health.  A deficiency in omegas will result in a dry scalp and ultimately a health scalp leads to healthy hair.  So add some of this fish into your diet regularly

2 Dark Leafy Greens- spinach, kale, broccoli, Swiss chard all contain vitamin A, C, iron and calcium which helps to produce sebum and keep your scalp balanced. A few servings a day are optimal for overall health and will help hair shine.

3 Beans – Who knew? But legumes and beans provide biotin, iron and zinc the “secret” ingredients in many of those hair growth capsules.  So break out the beans for soups, salads, hummus or chili. Eating the equivalent of three cups a week is a good guideline.

4 Nuts – packed with alpha linolenic acid and omega 3’s nuts like walnuts, pecans and almonds are a great snack or addition to a meal that will help keep hair healthy.  Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium which helps to promote scalp health.

5 Poultry – eating high quality free range poultry like chicken or turkey keeps hair from becoming weak and can even help hair from losing its color.  A bonus for the worried about all those grays popping up!

6 Eggs – eggs often get a bad rap.. But as a source of protein, biotin and B12 they are an efficient way to feed your hunger and feed your hair.  Raw eggs also make a great hair mask when applied directly to your tendrils, they leave hair super shiny and strong

7 Whole Grains – now I’m not talking about the uber processed  breads or sugary cereals that promise they have whole grains in them, I mean real grains like oats, quinoa, rice, buckwheat etc in their natural state or in the form of sprouted breads or whole cereals

8 Oysters – yes those little creatures that are known for their aphrodisiac powers are also chock full of zinc and other minerals that will help give your hair a boost

9 Low Fat Dairy – skim milk, yogurt and low fat cottage cheese are all good sources of calcium and minerals that help to keep locks looking good.  They also contain casein which can be beneficial for those without dairy or dairy related allergies. 

10 Carrots – What’s up Doc? Well apparently all that vitamin A that is so good for your eyes is also great for your scalp so add this colorful veggie to your salads, side dishes or smoothies.

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