What to Bring to Coachella

This April, music lovers from across the country will flock to Indio, California to experience the one and only Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. What makes this music festival unique to others is its desert setting. Now to us Arizonans, we are accustomed to the desert’s hot climate. But since this is an outdoor festival, where most will be camping out for days, I thought I would create a last-minute checklist before you head to Indio…

Don’t forget to bring:

Sunscreen and Chapstick: When you’re outdoors all day and the weather spikes to the high 80s, sunscreen is a MUST-HAVE! Although it’s sure to be sold on-site, you never know how long the lines will be or how high they’ve shot up the prices. Chapstick is a good idea too, as the desert gets extremely dry.

Cash: If you think you’ll be fine with your trusty credit card, think again! Food and beverages on-site are sold for cash only.

Bathing Suit: Although you won’t be doing much swimming, you will be laying out all day while listening to great music. So why not bring home a great tan? Don’t worry, as you can see, sporting a bathing suit is very common at Coachella.

Digital or Disposable Camera: This is going to be a very memorable weekend, so don’t forget to capture it with your digi or disposable camera. However, any professional cameras will not be allowed inside the venue.

Paper & Pen: Coachella brings in a lot of celebs, so bring a pad of paper and pen in your backpack so you can get some great autographs!

Sunglasses & Hats: The sun will surely beat down on your face and you don’t want it to block the view of your favorite band or DJ, so bring a hat and sunglasses.

Lighter: It’s customary for crowds to breakout their lighters when slow, harmonious songs are played. So don’t feel left out and pack a small lighter.

Beach Towels: No blankets or chairs will be permitted on the site, but beach towels will! Bring these to reserve your spot in front of your band and for soaking up the sun.

Dancing Shoes: Don’t forget you will be dancing just as much as you will be listening over Coachella weekend, so bring your comfortable, summer dancing shoes!

Backpack: Ladies, I know this isn’t the most fashionable thing to sport. But unless you have a large purse, a backpack is always a convenient accessory to carry all the above necessities I have recommended.

For more info on Coachella 2010, visit www.coachella.com.

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