Five Top Travel Trends for 2017  

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by Kelly Potts

Start packing your bags because the year 2017 brings a year of new beginnings and new destinations. Exploring places that are less traveled is the theme for 2017. Chic jet-setters are looking for unique experiences and want to be among the first to explore and share (hello, #Travelgram) these up-and-coming destinations. AAA Travel experts predict the top five travel trends for 2017:

Bon Voyage: Cruising remains one of the best ways to take advantage of big savings and see some of the most unique places in the world. Expect more passengers on river cruises throughout Europe, longer voyages and themed cruises to take over in 2017.

Chasing Cuba: This hotspot continues its streak into 2017. This year, cruise lines will begin to make stops in Havana on some of their Caribbean itineraries. There are still some travel restrictions, and these are escorted trips and not for everyone, however the adventurous should plan ahead to be among the first Americans to see Cuba.

Vintage american oldtimer car parked on a beach in Cuba

Ice Ice Iceland: Travelers are still craving travel to unusual destinations, and Iceland continues to top the list. Iceland offers a little something for every traveler, including breathtaking scenery, the famous Blue Lagoon and the Northern Lights in winter.

Man traveler enjoying exotic landmark, sitting in the ice cave, Skaftafell glacier, Vatnajokull National park, amazing nature of Iceland

Better Belize It: If you’re searching for somewhere sunny and exotic, include Belize in your choices. This tropical land offers the natural beauty of its beaches and countryside, fantastic water sports and ancient Mayan ruins, making it both a relaxing and adventurous place to visit.

Beautiful pier at Lake Peten - Guatemala 

The 49th State: Travel experts expect Alaska to be a big hit throughout 2017. This year, cruise lines are expanding their trips to the state to keep up with demand. Alaskan cruises run from May to September, and you can catch the great Northern Lights in January and February. Popular cruise excursions include whale watching, and hiking glaciers.

Hampback whale breaching jumping  in Antarctica picture from boat

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