Online Dating Tips for Everyone at Every Age

Red heart on the computer keyboard with sunlight and shadow. Internet dating, Valentines day concept.
Written by Alan Nichols
Red heart on the computer keyboard with sunlight and shadow. Internet dating, Valentines day concept.

The first commercial dating site may have been launched fairly recently – in the mid-1990s to be precise – but online dating has developed into a global phenomenon. There are now thousands of dating sites across the world, catering to millions of active users, with statistics indicating one-in-three of all today’s relationships are instigated on the Internet.

The reasons for this massive upsurge in popularity are obvious – the convenience of digital dating is the ideal solution for singles leading busy lifestyles. If you are considering signing up for a website, here are some tips to take on board.

1.) Choose your platform

Popping the phrase ‘online dating’ into any search engine will produce millions of results in a fraction of a second. So one of the most important tips of all is deciding which particular site would be most suitable to the type of relationship you are seeking. You might opt for a generic site geared towards introducing members to potential long-term partners via compatibility tests. Or if you’re not looking for ‘the one’ at this stage, merely ‘the one for tonight,’ there are handy hookup sites that are all about fun chats and more casual encounters. Just make a choice in the direction of what you are more interested in. 

2.) Create a profile that’s catchy and truthful

The popular nature of online dating is a double-edged sword. When you join a matchmaking service, you will instantly gain access to a treasure trove of talent. But this crowded marketplace means there are many other singles out there, homing in on attractive site users. So the next tip is ensuring your profile stands out. This is a must if you want to be successful on the dating site Flirtycuties. Because nobody alighting on another member’s page is going to be impressed by an overload of detail. Try highlighting aspects of your character and achievements as succinctly as possible. And never be tempted to exaggerate or tell downright lies. When you eventually meet in person and the truth is revealed, you will only come across as untrustworthy.

3.) Don’t stop at one thing

The nature of online dating is that it is a vibrant platform, where all sorts of interesting and exciting people gravitate, and not just to seek a possible love interest. There are chat rooms and forums where members can socialize and get involved in group discussions. Many websites also publish regular blogs, giving useful advice on various aspects of love and relationships. So another tip is to make the most of the experience. You might feel a positive vibe when you begin chatting with someone online, but there would be no harm in ‘spinning a few plates at once.’ When you join a site, you are in control of how things unfold. If you feel you’d like to communicate with several other users, nothing is stopping you. As the saying goes, ‘variety is the spice of life.’

4.) Be ready to open up to new things

Online dating sites are so much more than platforms where singles can look for prospective partners. They can be lively, interactive communities, where you are likely to meet people with new perspectives. What if someone were to suggest swinging, or experimenting with kinky sex, be open to considering new possibilities!

5.) Don’t let expectations control you

It’s only natural to have pre-conceived attitudes towards online dating, especially given the sheer popularity of this pastime, and its high success rate for introducing like-minded individuals. But our final tip is not to get too bogged down by what you hope to achieve. Like anything else in life, you can’t expect happiness and contentment to simply land in your lap. Be realistic about your expectations, and if a particular connection doesn’t work out, move on.

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