What To Get Him For Christmas

It is that time of year again! Men all across America are sweating and biting their nails wondering what their significant other is going to buy them for Christmas. Do you really think they want another tie? No. They do not. This year, find them a present that your guy will actually use and will be excited about! Who knows, maybe the present will be so great they will not be able to stop themselves from jumping up and down at the site of a new pocket knife! Whether you’re shopping for your loved one, updating dad’s old christmas present, or browsing for your brother, you are bound to find something that he would love this season with this holiday shopping guide…

To make that holiday gift this year more  special and personal to him, think about what activities he is involved in.  Every man has his own style, which personality fits your guy best?

His ideas of an adventure is a week long hiking trip through the woods, without a shower. Is he the rugged outdoorsy type, always taking camping trips, biking, fishing, and whatever else mountain men like to do? Is his favorite place to visit the Grand Canyon? Does he live for the winter season, just to get those ski passes? Does he only shop at REI? If this describes your guy, then these gifts might just be perfect for him…


For the Rugged Outdoorsy Guy:

– Northface sleeping bags

– Tent or tent accessories

– Useful lantern

– Awesome tool kit

– Warm jackets

– Pocket knift

– Rain boots

– Lightweight hunting tripods

– Binoculars

– Gloves

Shop online for more ideas at www.outdoorsman.com, www.rei.com, www.northface.com



Your guy’s room is covered with music posters, and in each room of his house you’ll find a different musical instrument. Is he constantly looking up concerts and music festivals to go to? Was your first date at an art gallery? Does he enjoy his mornings sipping coffee at a local organic coffee joint? Does he use the term ‘writers block’ every so often? This creative type of guy may appreciate one of these gifts this season…

For the Creative Guy:

– New CD or make a great CD mix of his favorite classics

– Canon or Nikon point and shoot

– Camera or videocamera carrying case

– Sunglasses

– Tickets to a concert or an art show

– Leather guitar case

– Funky Iphone cases

– Guitar pick punch

– Gifts for their studio, like a microphone or new art supplies

Find gifts here.

Find gifts for musicians here.

Find gifts for artists here.


Its Saturday afternoon and your guy is already out throwing back a few beers flipping bratwurst at a tailgate. Is this sports fanatic constantly talking about players drafts? Does he use the phrase ‘my fantasy football team’? Are the only channels he watches on TV are ESPN and FOX Sports? Has he been to each baseball stadium at least three times to catch a game? If this sounds a lot like your man, then this holiday he may love something like one of these gifts…

For the Sports Guy:

– Favorite sports team hat

– Golf organizer storage case

– Personalized stainless steel NFL travel mugs

– Personalized leather grilling apron

– Cigar of the month club

– Unique watch

– Cooler

– Stereo

– Mini barbeque and grill set for the tailgate

Find sports stuff here.

Find fun watches here.


His favorite thing to do is staying inside on a weekend watching that new sci-fi movie that everyone is raving about on his new high definition TV. Is he always the first to know about the latest Apple products soon to come out? Is he that handy tech-nerd you can trust to set up your new television, then make it better by flipping a switch? Are his favorite stores to shop at all electronic stores? Then maybe you’ll find something here he would go crazy for…

For the Nerdy-Tech Guy:

– Laptop or IPad case

– Unique headphones

– Modern espresso machine

– Lights and lasers

-Keytool keyring multi-tool

– Digital measuring tape

– Rear-view spy sunglasses

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