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Show Off Your Legs This Spring


What do you consider to be a beautiful pair of legs? Do you favor them for their length, their shape, or perhaps how they move? Often celebrities are thought to have the most gorgeous legs around. Mariah Carey is glorified for her muscular tone, while Heidi Klum is oohed-and-aahed whenever she struts her long and lean gams on the runway.

Realistically, everyone has a different perception of beauty – just as no two sets of legs are exactly alike. What we do all share is the ability to be confident about what makes them unique.

Your legs represent YOU, and it’s time that you are proud to show them off!

One thing that can cause a woman to feel self-conscious about her legs is having spider varicose veins. Some women will even adjust their daily lives in order to hide them. Normal activities such as going to the beach, wearing shorts, and dancing are often missed out upon.

Celebrities’ legs aren’t always viewed in a positive light– as they too get unsightly veins. Britney Spears was once criticized when she had them (prior to surgery). Even former model Janice Dickinson received scrutiny when it was realized that she had “less than perfect” legs. Famous or not – spider and varicose veins are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. They are a very common medical issue which can be affected by heredity, pregnancy, and various lifestyle choices. Developing these types of veins may not always be under your control…but it is up to you whether or not action is taken. At Morrison Vein, they can help you gain that confidence back. Within their facilities they offer the combination of education and treatments to help improve the appearance of your veins. Not only will your legs look more radiant, but they will feel healthier as well. This season of spring embrace your beauty inside and out! For more inspiration, visit Morrison Vein Institute The the new #vFree (vein disease free) questionnaire is now available online or to schedule an appointment for a vein checkup visit www.morrisonvein.com or call: (480) 860-6455.


-Content provided by Morrison Vein Institute

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