Our Favorite Bikinis Plus Our Favorite Plastic Surgeon

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Whether you’re spending your summer days lounging in a poolside cabana at the hottest day club or strolling a tropical beach sipping out of a coconut, a perfect swimsuit is a must. Arizona blesses us with some of the warmest temperatures around the country and it’s our job to soak it all up and buy as many bikinis as we can. Thankfully the Valley of the Sun makes our job easy. Not only does it provide us with some of the best swim boutiques, but it also gives us Dr. Malek, one of the best plastic surgeons around. Dr. Marc Malek is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon that is skilled at renewing the youthful glow in his patients and delivering greater than anticipated results.

Obviously there’s an endless amount of bikinis we love, but here are just a few we can’t keep our eyes off of. Click the names below to shop the bikinis, and click here for more information on Dr. Malek and the different types of procedures he offers.

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Acacia Swimwear
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Planet Blue
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-By Suzanne Koch

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