Instagram Makeup Icon, Liza Lash, Launches New “Beauty Sphere”

L’Oreal Paris model, Instagram makeup icon, and YouTuber Liza Lash announced the launch of Beauty Sphere, the world’s first skincare cleansing orb that effectively removes makeup, dirt, and oils while being personally calibrated to the user’s astrological orientation.

Liza traveled the world for inspiration to make a product for beauty lovers—something that was as effective as it was meaningful – something that felt truly personal to everyone who used it. 

It was during a trip to Japan where she first discovered the sphere as a platform, and then the Mayan Lands of Tulum where deeper meaning came into focus after befriending a group of Mayan spiritualists and healers.

Over the course of a month, her new friends imparted their philosophies on the universe, oneness, and our connection to Mother Earth. And thus the concept of the Beauty Sphere was born – a circular skincare orb that not only leaves skin fresh, glowing, and vibrant but also exudes scents calibrated to everyone’s astrological orientation.

Beauty Sphere is now available at and each sphere can last one to three months and is travel-friendly with no mess or leaks.   

Each astrological sign has its own Beauty Sphere, available for $44. The orbs are all unique with customized scents, benefits, and ingredients.

In addition, the Liza Lash Signature Beauty Sphere is now available for $59. Inspired by the beauty and mystery of the cosmos, the Signature Sphere works to cleanse face, body and mind. The Signature Sphere is infused with 24K gold flakes to remind us that we all come from the stars above.

Beyond quality skincare ingredients, I was adamant about infusing the product with meaning.

I worked directly with Mayan spiritualists, shamans, and healers to learn their philosophies on the universe, oneness, and our connection to Mother Earth. 

These amazing partners help identify and pair specific aromas and colors by leveraging their knowledge of astrology and helped bring the Beauty Sphere to life.

– Liza Lash, creator of the Liza Lash Beauty Sphere

The Beauty Sphere is easy to use and highly effective at removing makeup, dirt, and oils.  The Beauty Sphere is designed to be used every day, lathering in the users’ hands with water and then applied to the face. After being on the face for a few seconds, it can be washed off with water.

The sphere can also be used in the shower for a full-body wash.

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