Five Tips for a Clear Complexion You Might Not Have Heard


Valley Girl likes to provide unique beauty tips not everybody knows.  This week, we have found five tips to help you get clear and photo-ready skin.   These tips will help your face stay clear, moisturized and beautiful.  Check them out below!

1.  Ice

A little bit of cold brought to you by something as simple as ice is the perfect inexpensive trick to bring down any redness or skin inflammation around acne.  Rub some ice around troubled areas in order to help reduce your blemishes.

2.  Stay Away From Oil

True, certain oils can be extremely beneficial to helping reduce wrinkles and decrease aging, but is it worth it if it will leave your skin broken out into potentially scarring acne in the process?  Oil will clog your pores unnecessarily and will also make you shiny. Before applying oil to your face, be confident it won’t affect your skin negatively.

3.  Minimal Iodide

Iodide in excess can lead to pore irritation and acne flareups. Try to stay away from it besides the recommended maximal dosage of 150 mcg.  Some examples of foods containing Iodide are seaweed and kelp, so try to moderate your sushi intake.

4.  Say Goodbye to Liquid Makeup

“But… But.. Liquid concealer is necessary to cover all my acne?!”  It’s no secret that liquid makeup clogs pores.  This is because the oil in the product is literally designed to fill the pores and give off that flawless look all women desire.  The sacrifice might seem brutal at first, but if you use mineral-based powders that stick to the surface, you will see less acne and have less reason to cover your face up in the first place.

5.  Limit Sugar Intake

Even if you’re one of the blessed individuals who can eat as much as they please without gaining a pound, you might want to stay away from the sugars.  Studies have shown that consuming a diet with a high amount of glycemic (sugar) in it can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts.

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