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Most Extravagant Miss Universe Contestant Outfits

The 63rd annual Miss Universe 2015 National Costume Show took place this past week.  The annual international Miss Universe 2015 competition, which is set to take place in Miami, will highlight some of the most beautiful women from around the world, all with unique beauty attributes.  One of the most exciting rounds for each year’s competition is the National Costume Show, where the contestants don extravagant gowns and ensembles representing her native country.

The costume show and preliminary rounds exhibited several unique costumes, yet a few stood out among the crowd. Below are AZ Foothill’s picks of the most extravagant gowns from the National Costume Show.  Who knows? One of these lucky ladies could be the next Miss Universe!

Images are courtesy of AP Images

Miss Russia, Yulia Alipova

Miss Universe (5)

Miss Guatemala, Ana Montufar Urrutia


Miss Argentina, Valentina Ferrer


Miss Nicaragua, Marline Barberena


Miss USA, Nia Sanchez


Miss Venezuela


Miss Canada, Migbelis Castellanos


Miss Ireland, Lisa Madden


Miss Indonesia, Elvira Devinamira


Miss Peru, Jimena Espinosa


For additional information on Miss Universe and the competition, visit the official website.

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