At-Home Hairstyles & Tips For TLC

Valley residents have recently found themselves working remotely, practicing social distancing, or self-quarantined. Although this is a necessary social responsibility, it can have major effects on day-to-day life. During this time, experts recommend sticking to a routine and getting ready every day. Drybar has a few hair tips to boost morale and self-esteem while staying at home and not able to stop into a Drybar store.

Hair, Meet TLC

On those days where you don’t have to attend virtual meetings, try giving your hair some extra TLC by applying a leave-in treatment. A boost of moisture can help mend split-ends, detangle pesky knots, combat frizz, and make hair more manageable. Multitask during your workload, Netflix binge, or at-home workout with something that can transform hair in even a few minutes. Apply the leave-in conditioner from the bottom up, and avoid the roots if you are prone to oily strands. The end result? Silky, shiny locks that will last all day. Drybar’s Mr. Incredible leave-in conditioner, Bay Breeze hydrating shot, or mudslide mask are all perfect for that little extra moisture, silkiness, and shine.  After all, healthy hair makes for a happy you.

Goodbye Comfort Zone

With some extra time at home, use the opportunity to test out an edgier hairstyle that a celebrity debuted at an awards show, or that a model rocked on the runway. You may be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean your hairstyle needs to stick to your comfort zone! If you are in desperate need of inspiration, fear not. Retro flips (in or out) or a deep side part paired with voluminous curls can make even the most mundane day at home feel a little more lively. Even if you don’t want to jump into a throwback 90’s updo, you can switch it up slightly. For example, if you normally have sleek, straight hair, try some bouncy curls like Drybar’s Mai Tai hairstyle. To keep your new hairstyle in place all day (even on the couch, bed, or desk) spray some of Drybar’s Money Maker, a flexible hold hairspray and Triple Sec 3-in-1 Finishing Spray for added texture.

Style Your Hair EVERY DAY

Instead of keeping your hair in a messy bun all day, continue to style your hair as you normally would for the office. Sticking to the same routine will keep both a happy and positive mindset. Maintain the same hair care hygiene routine as well, to ensure your luscious locks keep their bounce. While you may not be able to step out to get a fresh blowout, try giving yourself an at-home blowout using Drybar’s new Double Shot blow dryer brush. If you look good, you will feel good!

During these trying times, it’s important to focus on things you can control… like your hair! Rocking a trendy hairstyle, even if you will just be on the couch all day, can seriously improve your mood. If your hair supplies are running low, check out Drybar’s website for top-of-the-line hair products.

Drybar has currently closed all shops during this pandemic. To stay up to date on re-opening and Drybar news, follow along on Instagram at @thedrybar.

Drybar is based on a simple philosophy: Focus on one thing and be the best at it. For Drybar, that’s blowouts. Drybar provides professional blowouts at a flat price, regardless of hair length or thickness (wash included!). The list of signature styles reads like a traditional cocktail menu: the Cosmo (lots of loose curls), the Straight Up (straight with a little body), the Southern Comfort (big hair, lots of volume), the Mai Tai (messy and beachy), the Manhattan (sleek and smooth) the Dirty Martini (tousled and textured) and, for the little ladies, the Shirley Temple. Drybar currently has five locations in the Valley – Phoenix, Scottsdale Quarter, Scottsdale at Lincoln Plaza, the Phoenician and Gilbert. For more information and to book an appointment, please call 877.379.2279 or visit

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