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3 Tricks to Make Eyes Pop

Not everyone is blessed with exotically dramatic, head-turning eyes. But THANK GOD, someone out there invented a little thing called makeup to get us ladies a little closer to this universal goal. And today, I’d like to share some of my Valley Girl secrets I’ve collected over the years!

Line Under, Not Over
A lot of women make the common mistake of lining the bottom of their eyes above the lashes (right next to the eye ball). Although this can make some lucky gals’ eyes look stunning, small eyed women should line under the lashes to open them up and, of course, make them pop!

White Shadow Sensation
Experts have come to the conclusion that facial symmetry is directly related to a person’s facial attractiveness and beauty. Shallow but true. In the eyes specifically, beauty is also found in wider set eyes (distance between them). Sorry ladies, this is something even plastic surgeons can’t change. But makeup, however, can create a miraculous illusion! Simply pick up a white or neutral shade to use between the eyes, just above the inside corners. Then work your darks toward the outside corner and pow! You already look like Amanda Seyfried.

Another trick with your white wonder is line the light eye shadow right at the inside ridge of the eye, where the upper lid meets the bottom lid, near the tear duct. Celebrities and their professional makeup artists constantly utilize this genius trick to open them up and add a little more white eye ball in the mix!

Lash Lengthening
If I could only live with one makeup tool, it would have to be my mascara! Mascara is what seals the deal and brings all the other shades and lines together. It’s what truly makes the eyes pop. And coming from someone who is very loyal to her mascara (same tube for the past 11 years) and has recruited numerous friends and family members as well, you may want to trust me on this one! From the day I first applied Maybelline’s Volume Express Mascara (that’s right gals, this one’s bought at a Walgreen’s), I was immediately hooked.

But if you are not so fortunate in the lashes department, don’t be afraid to use fakes! Mac offers eyelashes that do the trick and look natural. www.maccosmetics.com

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