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Arizona Restaurants Are Now Open, Here’s What to Expect

After months of staying home, social distancing, and constantly washing our hands, we now have the option to dine in at restaurants and coffee shops if we want, but safety precautions still need to be taken, so what will this look like and is this our new normal?


On Monday, May 11th, restaurants and coffee shops will open their doors, to allow the public to dine in. They are still going to offer take out and delivery options as well, but what are the new dine-in procedures with the coronavirus still spreading?

Social Distancing

Restaurants and coffee shops will still have to implement social distancing practices by placing tables further apart and limiting groups to no larger than ten. They will have to learn how to operate by reducing the capacity and occupancy of people inside the restaurant at a time. This also means that they will have to watch and limit areas that are prone to congregation, such as waiting areas. Which will mean that most restaurants will probably want you to make a reservation, so customers can get seated right away. 

Sanitation and Safety

Restaurants and coffee shops will also have to take extra safety and sanitary precautions. This means sanitizing tables and chairs and anything that people frequently touch such as menus and door handles. 

Management will also have to implement symptom screening for employees prior to their shift each day to ensure that they are not a carrier of the virus and will not expose other employees or customers to the virus. 

Delivery and Take Out

Restaurants and coffee shops will continue to offer take out and delivery services for those who do not want to dine in. If you have any coronavirus symptoms or are at high risk of getting the virus, you should continue to stay home and continue to order take out or delivery.

Why did Arizona make this decision?

The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey decided to make the decision to open up restaurants because of the statistics that the virus is starting to decline. There has been a decline of COVID-19 and flu-like symptoms, a decline in positive COVID-19 tests. There is also an adequate amount of hospital capacity to treat patients. Our hospitals are no longer overflowing. 

As businesses start to open, we need to continue to stay safe and smart about keeping clean and who and what we come in contact with. Continue to wear your masks and wash your hands as often as possible. Let’s do everything we can to prevent a second wave of the coronavirus. 

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