Valley Girl Horoscope: June 2021, Saturn Squares Uranus

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Written by Leslie Hale

This month we will see the second pass of the most important astrological event of the year; Saturn square Uranus. This is a difficult if not volatile transit bringing about clashes and change on many different levels.  Saturn represents our structures and authority, as well as responsibilities and limits. We need Saturn to function in the physical/material world, and without it we would be a lost cause with no structure in life. Uranus on the other hand, represents the disruptive energies of change; often shaking things up. Uranus rules lightening, electricity, coups, explosions, explosive circumstances, the internet and all electronic communication. 

Saturn-Uranus transits are disruptive and changeable, associated with stressful circumstances, clashes between the old and the new, and on the world stage, this aspect is associated with tyranny, revolts, breakdowns and change.  Money and finance issues can also be associated with this aspect.

The last time Saturn and Uranus were in a harsh aspect (opposition) was 2008-2010. Uranus (unexpected events) presented a shock to our reality (Saturn) with the bank crash due to the housing bubble. Before this, Saturn squared Uranus in 2000, when we experienced the crash among other events. The first pass of this year’s transit occurred mid-February. Many things were happening at that time but one of the most significant events was the 100 year winter storm that hit Texas resulting in blackouts and an awareness of the fact that some of our electrical grids are in serious trouble and under poor management.

Unprecedented changes have been occurring across the world as a result of the Saturn-Uranus square. There is continuing political upheaval in the US, including division on whether or not to even appoint a January 6th commission to investigate the Capital attack, and Israel and Palestine are in an unsteady truce following 11 days of bombing.  Former President Donald Trump’s organization is under criminal investigation. The Colonial pipeline was hacked and paid a 4.4 million dollar ransom to get back on line. Over the weekend of May 23rd a volcanic eruption destroyed property in the eastern Congo city of Goma and left residents searching for loved ones. There will be many more significant events by the time Saturn and Uranus complete their transit in late 2022.

This aspect can affect us on a personal level as well as the world stage. We could experience a move, job change, relationship breakup or any other number of events depending on where this aspect does in your personal chart. All of this is not negative, however. Sometimes projects we have worked on for a long time can come together and at other times Uranus can have a genius quality to it. There may be some difficult issues, but there will be positive advances and change mixed in with it all. Most importantly some things simply need to change.

Saturn makes three squares to Uranus this year:
  • February 17th    
  • June 15th    
  • December 24

Typically we see events occurring before the transit is exact, and for weeks afterward. The energies of transits like this do not dissipate quickly and events connected with them can change things for many months or years into the future.

Take charge of the energy

If this transit does aspect something in your chart you are probably already aware of impending change. The best way to handle this energy is to look toward positive changes in the future as opposed to the negative. For example, if you work in a job that you know is ending focus on a new opportunity. If a breakup occurs in your personal life, the relationship has in all likelihood has outlived its purpose, at least for the time. Review the negative and the positive and focus on improving yourself or what you could do to find a more lasting and appropriate relationship in the future.

In this way, we can make this transit less stressful. Focus your energy on something positive and productive that you want to change or accomplish and set a plan to make it happen. In this way you can control your own personal destiny and direction to a far greater degree than if you don’t. Most of all, remember this aspect has occurred before and will do so again in future years so there is no reason to put life on hold, but rather stay grounded, keep your feet planted firmly in reality and focus on what you want to achieve.

Mercury is retrograde

Mercury remains retrograde in Gemini until June 22, when it turns direct at 16 degrees of Gemini. Mercury is powerful in this sign as Gemini is one of the planetary rulers of Mercury. Don’t be surprised if the energy doesn’t seem tiring, confusing or even melancholy June 5th, and during the days surrounding these dates as Mercury retrogrades in a clash with Neptune. This aspect can make us feel insecure, confused and it can produce anxiety and lack of clarity in some people. We experienced this transit May 21-22, so reoccurring themes can come up.

Retrograde Mercury is not part of a cosmic plan to upset, delay or screw things up. Rather, it is part of the natural cycle intended to be a time of reflecting and re-doing things that need our attention. Even though it can be maddening at times, if you keep this perspective you can make the most of this three week cycle that occurs 3-4 times a year. Relax as much as you can and focus on finishing up projects or fixing what needs to be fixed and you can make good use of this time.

Retrograde Mercury is not the time to buy big ticket items, get married or engaged, have plastic or elective surgery or start new projects if you can help it. If you do buy expensive items or start new projects there is a very strong chance you will not be pleased in the end, or something will change in the future. 

At times information you need to proceed forward may be revealed on retrograde Mercury. This period is also associated with the past, people from the past, and even business ventures related to the past. Old clients may come back along with old friends and in rare instances old lovers. You may enjoy many lovely trips down memory lane over this next three week period.

Venus in Gemini and Mars in Cancer

Mars rules men, sex and our action and this month it moves from Cancer to Leo on June 11th. While in Cancer, Mars does not operate smoothly, and our actions are often emotionally based. 

This Mars cycle will end with a bang as Mars will oppose Pluto June 5th, but this energy will start to become obvious before and after this transit is exact for roughly 10 days. This period will represent a time to be aware of what we are saying and doing at least 2 or 3 days before and after. This aspect represents a volatile type of energy that can result in outbursts, fights, arguments, power struggles and conflict with others.

It is best to avoid contentious issues. If you push others, expect significant pushback. This will represent a significant few days in the news and we have the potential to see violence, threats of violence, political or financial issues and the potential of issues concerning safety and security of the collective or individuals.

Mars enters Leo

Mars enters Leo June 11th, where it will remain until July 29th.  As Leo rules the 5th house of entertainment and love we will seek more pleasure in all we do. As Mars rules our motivation we will be more expressive and feel the need to make more time for pleasure, our friends and those we love, including children. We may feel more passionate and have increased confidence during this cycle.

Leo loves drama and to dress and appear as though we are playing to an audience. Guard against being overly dramatic with during this time, or you may have to deal with others who act in this manner. Drama kings and queens may well make their presence known while Mars transits through Leo, and this is the downside.

Venus is the planet of love that rules our love life, values and money. Venus moves through three signs this month. On June 2nd, Venus completes its transit in Gemini and enters Cancer.

Venus Enters Cancer

Venus in Cancer is a good placement for the planet ruling love, and this could bring deeper emotions to the surface. We will all be a bit more emotional with Venus in this sign and may feel deeper empathy and compassion with others. As Cancer is such a sensitive sign we may have to watch taking slights to heart, and they may be harder to let go of as Cancer has a long memory. This should give all water signs and especially Cancer a boost to look and feel their best.

Mars and Venus dance together in Leo

Venus enters Leo, joining Mars on June 27th.  We have officially entered summer, and some summer fun is in order over the next three weeks. Venus and Mars don’t join up very often and when they do it can present opportunities for some to meet someone special. T

his will work very well for all fire signs, especially Leo and Aries. It can also work well for Air signs-Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Venus will remain in Leo until July 21st. This period will be about socializing and having fun. After a year of Covid you are worth it!

June eclipse

June will bring the second of two eclipses this spring, and this is a new moon solar eclipse that falls at 19 degrees of Gemini on June 10th. Gemini is all about possibilities, adaptability, openness and different choices and communication. Mercury, the planet of communication is Gemini’s ruling planet and Mercury is retrograde. When Mercury is retrograde at the time of an eclipse it can delay events connected to the eclipse, sometimes by days or weeks.

This eclipse last occurred by degree and sign on June 10th, 2002 as solar eclipses repeat every 19 years. If you are old enough to remember this period it may give you a clue as to what you should expect during this eclipse.

Communication may be important and since Mercury is retrograde and falls next to the moon, you may feel reflective or connected to something or someone from the past. 

This eclipse squares Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. Mercury retrograde can present problems with communication. You could feel tired and drained, melancholy or confused and unsure of your direction. If this is the case make no final determinations until the energy has passed. At times, new information can be revealed on Neptune-Mercury transits.

The positive use of this energy is compassion, creativity and spiritual insights. You could experience any of the above situations or activities along with vivid dreams and feelings of psychic insight.

This is not the best time to make important decisions as there may be unknown factors that you could discover at a later date. No matter how great something may seem, wait for the fog to pass before committing, if possible.

June’s second full moon

This month’s second full moon falls at 3 degrees of Capricorn on June 24th.  This is called a ‘blue moon’ as two full moons in one month only occur about every two and a half years or ‘once in a blue moon.’ Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of business and priorities. As this moon opposes the Sun in Cancer, this moon falls on the 4th/10th house axis which concerns home, family, business, and we may be concerned with basic security issues. 

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, and for the most part, it is where our interests will lie over this full moon. 

Jupiter retrogrades

Jupiter or the planet of gain and expansion turns retrograde June 20th-October 18th when it will finally turn direct again. Jupiter has moved into the sign Pisces where it will turn retrograde and remain (in Pisces) until July 29th when it retrogrades back into the sign of Aquarius. 

Jupiter retrogrades every year for about four months. During this time we often have to look inward to find our growth and create our own enthusiasm. We often undergo a period of philosophic or spiritual reflection rather than focusing our efforts on the outside world. During this time we may have an opportunity to let go of destructive habits and incorrect approaches to things. As Jupiter is the seeker, a shift will occur and we will be tuned in to seeking that which is within ourselves rather than the outer world so much.

You may have been working at accomplishing something big with no real structure or plan for getting there. Jupiter’s retrograde will be the time to step back and look at the bigger picture and how you will approach things. It does not necessarily mean loss, but is more akin to working smartly and directing your actions along the most profitable and fortuitous lines. It could bring detours and a chance to correct something in the section of your chart it is transiting through.

Many things can be affected by a Jupiter retrograde. In addition to money and finances Jupiter rules courts/judiciaries, lawyers, foreigners, and foreign places, education, religion, medicine, and younger men. All of these things can shift in some way as the planet of expansion retrogrades, and we will see these matters play out in the world and our personal lives. 

What retrograde Jupiter does in your personal chart/life depends on where it is located. It could retrograde through more than one area of life this year as it moves from Pisces back into Aquarius.

Neptune retrogrades

Neptune turns retrograde June 25th at 23 degrees of Pisces and will remain retrograde until December 2nd.  Neptune is typically retrograde roughly 4 and a half months out of every year. This is a subtle change, and unless you have a hard Neptune aspect in your chart, you may not even notice it.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, creativity, spirituality, illusion, drugs and alcohol, psychics and faith leaders to name a few. Neptune’s retrograde will bring about more acute sensitivity on an inner level and we may be able to pick up on those things we don’t perceive when Neptune is direct. We are more likely to be listening to our own inner voice during this time and creativity and psychic or intuitive abilities may be increased.

If transiting Neptune aspects a personal planet in your chart, it is during this period we tend to become self deluding, depressed, or overly idealistic. Others may deceive us as well. It is important to be as grounded as possible during these times if you are experiencing a Neptune transit. On the other hand, it may be during this time you could discover that you have been deluding yourself and the dream dies. Should this be the case, now is the time to face the reality of the situation, grieve as necessary and make an effort to move on to new and better things. Hard Neptune transits often coincide with situations that that were not meant to be and it is at this time the rose colored glasses must come off.

We may find that an over idealized relationship, or one with someone who is really not available is just not going where we hope it is.  We may feel we have met our soul mate or the most perfect partner in the world to wake up and find things were not as we had believed, or been led to believe which leads to discouragement, depression and disenchantment. Often when Neptune retrogrades we find out that our dreams are not based on reality. This can not only affect relationships but many other areas of our lives depending on what area of the chart Neptune is transiting. If Neptune is not making a harsh transit in your personal chart, you may do a lot of inner work during this time, or become more psychic or sensitive. Dreams may be more vivid, and this transit may go by without much fanfare.

Neptune’s retrograde is not as dramatic as the most well known retrogrades involving Mercury and Venus. Neptune works in a subtle manner on the subconscious mind.

Other aspects in June:

June 3rd, Sun trine Saturn is a positive transit for accomplishment and getting things done that need to be finished. Also Venus trines Jupiter, setting the stage for pleasant social interaction, communicating with those from the past or spending time with loved ones.

June 10th, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. This can be considered somewhat willful. Egos can get in the way if you are not careful.

June 13th, Venus sextiles Uranus. This is a positive time for social activity and trying new things. If this were the only transit on this day it might be favorable for finances and financial decisions but as the Sun squares Neptune confusion may abound, and it is advisable to wait on important decisions until the fog clears.

June 21, the Sun trines Neptune. This is a positive day for anything social, love or creativity. You could feel a desire to involve yourself in a compassionate venture. Vivid dreams are common.

June 23rd, the Sun trines Jupiter. This is a cheerful, positive and hopeful transit for the day. This can help with the Venus opposition to Pluto which can be obsessive, jealous and stir up a great deal of relationship conflict, some of which could come out at this time. Venus-Pluto concerns sex, money, relationships and scandals.

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