Five Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Love


The national day of love is just around the corner, along with all the pressure that comes with it.  If you are a newer couple and aren’t looking to give too romantic of a present, there are plenty of options for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend.  Featured below are five perfect gift ideas for your man on Valentine’s Day.  These gifts are the perfect combination of thoughtful and not too romantic.

1. Men’s Watch


Perhaps one of the most cliche girlfriend gifts is a watch; however, there is a reason watch gift-giving to boyfriends is so popular!  In giving a watch, you are showing the value of your relationship without having to cut out a scrap book and fill it with love quotes.  Help your man look and feel sharp with this thoughtful Valentine’s Day present.

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2. Bacon, Cheese or Whisky of the Month Club


What man doesn’t like bacon, cheese or whiskey? And if your special someone doesn’t like bacon, cheese OR whiskey, you might want to reconsider your choice in men.  Give your loved one the gift of deliciousness that keeps giving.  A variety of clubs will send monthly shipments of treats right to your man’s door.

For a Bacon of The Month Club subscription, click HERE.
For a Cheese of the Month Club subscription, click HERE.
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3. An Engraved Whiskey Decanter


An engraved whiskey decanter with matching shot glasses is the perfect memorable and unique gift.  Your man will appreciate the classiness of the handcrafted crystal and the special touch added by the personalized engraving.  If he’s going to be fancy and drink a good whiskey, have him do it in style.

For information on where to purchase an engraved whiskey decanter, click HERE.

4. Valentine’s Day Theme Boxers


Sometimes a cheesy gift like boxers with Valentine’s day hearts on them can be the best idea for a gift.  These gifts are the perfect way to show you care, while also keeping your gift lighthearted.

To browse options for heart and other Valentine’s Day boxers, click HERE.

5. Craft Brew Beer Kit


The only thing better than relaxing with a nice cold beer is kicking back with a pub-worthy beer you made yourself.  He can brew a gallon of beer in just 21 days!

For information on where you can get you Craft Brew Beer Kit, click HERE.

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