Vacation Destinations For Animal-Lovers

It’s a known fact that any picture posted with an animal is automatically guaranteed to get more “likes” than a picture without an animal.  If you’re looking for that picture-perfect animal experience and enjoy getting up-close and personal with nature’s friends, then we have some potential trip destinations for you.  Instead of the typical beach vacation, you might want to plan your next year’s summer vacation at one of these unique animal-oriented vacations.

Featured below are five of the ultimate travel destinations around the world for animal-lovers.

1. Whale Watching in Vancouver, Canada


What better animal experience than getting an up-close view of the beautiful killer whale?  Canada takes advantage of having more coastline than any other country in the world with the best whale watching experiences one can find.  Northern Vancouver Island is notorious for killer whale watching, along with other wildlife siting expeditions.  Along with providing an amazing wildlife experience, Northern Vancouver Island has several amazing options for shopping, dining and hotel accommodations.

For information on Vancouver Island, click HERE.

2. Elephant Spotting in Zimbabwe


From elephants, to zebras to antelope, there is not an African animal that will go unseen at the Victoria Falls Game Reserve in Zimbabwe.  The area is surrounded by acres of the Zambezi National Park and has the Masue river running through the middle.  The best part is that all guests are guaranteed an up-close and personal experience with the elephants.  Even if you do not catch a herd traveling through the reserve, the reserve will release its herd they kept for African safari rides on elephants backs to the public during their feeding time.  The elephants are approachable and look beautiful in their natural surroundings.  If you’re looking for the perfect destination for your once in a lifetime African vacation, this may be the place for you.

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3. Sea Turtle Nesting Grounds in Costa Rica


Tortuguero National Park’s Sea Turtle Conservancy provides the opportunity to volunteer with sea turtles in their nesting grounds in order to conserve the species.  Volunteers will work directly with the endangered green sea turtles from the moment the eggs are laid until they are released into the wild.  Volunteers can stay for as long or little as they want, but are guaranteed a unique and memorable experience.

For more information, click HERE.

4. Live with Orangutans, Indonesia


In co-operation with the Orangutan Foundation, Steppes Discovery is offering volunteer tourists the chance to spend time on the orangutan conservation, living behind-the scenes in the Indonesia rain forest with the orangutans. The tours are 9 to 12 days long.  Seeing orangutans in their natural surroundings is a surreal experience that not many are able to have.

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5. Spend Time With Pandas in China


There are only 1,600 pandas left in the world.  A China-based tourist company provides tourists with a hands-on experience with this lovable bear.  Guests can stay as for as long as they want to volunteer, spending time with the panda bears every step of the way.  The tourist site’s accommodations include hotel, meals and transportation.

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