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Are you ready to spice up your dating life? Ditch the classic dinner or movie night and add a little flare to your love life. At Kelleher International, we understand how important it is for couples to connect and reconnect on many different levels. Not only is this essential for preserving the romance, but for ensuring both partners are always engaged and satisfied as well. We often find ourselves weighed down by the monotony of set schedules that can lead to a lull in a relationship. Thus, it is important to break free from the traditional and expected outings with your loved one. Keep the spark alive with these unique date ideas that can be enjoyed all year round!

Cooking class

Ignite one another’s taste buds by attending a cooking class together. Whether you are beginner or expert chefs, this date provides the opportunity to work side by side and create something beautiful that can be enjoyed by the both of you. This meal can then be made later at home for another date. Experiment with different flavors, feed one another sweets, and taste test galore!

Photo shoot

Grab a camera and hit the town. Explore the outdoors and indoors by taking pictures of scenery, shops, restaurants and of course, one another. Not only is this a creative way to spend time together, but it also allows you both to reminisce about the date by looking back at the photos later. This outing can even be taken a step further by adding a small road trip. If you live close to a state hot spot, visit the location and be sure to capture the moment with your camera.

Hit the water

Whether it is during the winter, spring, summer or fall, this date can be enjoyed in either a hot tub or pool. Grab a couple of glasses of champagne or your favorite beverage and ease into the water. Whether you cuddle up in a hot tub or relax by the poolside, this allows for a different scenery. Try to escape to a private setting so you can both enjoy the privacy and quiet.


Giving back to the community has several benefits. Not only does it feel good to help out with one another and make an impact, but it is also a positive way to spend time together. Options might include volunteering at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, etc. Lending a hand to those in need allows you to bond with each other on an entirely new level of selflessness.

Get physical

kelleher2It is important for couples to encourage one another to be healthy. A fun way to do this is to incorporate physical activities into a date! Not only does this increase endorphins and excitement, but it helps both partners stay in shape. Options to consider are a hike, bike ride, or rock climbing. If it is cold out, move inside the gym. However, if it is during the fall, summer or spring, the outdoors make for a beautiful option. Another way to get physical together is to sign up for a mud run, color run or other desired marathon.

Improv or comedy show

Let loose with one another and allow for laughter at an improv or comedy show. Live theater brings a sense of delight that other typical outings might not. For instance, the actors or comedians frequently engage the audience, allowing the couple to contribute to the show and interact with one another.

Winery or brewery

For those who particularly enjoy different types of wines and beers, incorporate that interest into a date. Visit a winery, brewery, or both! There are multiple options and activities that can be had here. Ask to take a tour, taste test, and shop around. This date is the prime opportunity to bask in the romance of culture, food, beverages, and exploration.


Take the movie theater experience to an entirely new level at the drive-in. Pack snacks, pillows and other desired belongings in the car and hit the road. This date is perfect for the movie buffs or those who simply love the traditional feel of a drive-in. Enjoy a movie of your choosing while watching from the coziness of your own vehicle.

As illustrated, there are many ways to spice up your dating life. It is important to keep the excitement alive for both partners. These unique dates are outings that can be enjoyed all year round and varied to the couple’s preferences. However, before that next date, be sure to read these 5 old-fashioned dating rules that should be ignored. This will help you to avoid the bad advice and lead you to the proper dating etiquette!

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