Top Twelve Androgynous Hairstyles from All Things Hair

From afros to pixie cuts, and everything in between, androgynous hairstyles are huge this year. Thankfully, we live in a time and place where there are virtually no limits to gender-neutral styles that don’t subscribe to what’s considered feminine or masculine. 

The expert team at All Things Hair have rounded up the most popular androgynous hairstyles – we’re hoping to see lots of them on the streets this summer. Check them out below, they’re sure to inspire your next new look!


Afro hairstyles are actually quite low-maintenance in hot weather. Most importantly, not many looks can boast of such a rich cultural identity and look equally attractive on both guys and girls.

Top Knot

This gender-neutral look has been around for centuries for both dudes and dudettes, and with good reason: it keeps long hair out of your face whilst looking super stylish. The look is extremely easy to achieve – all it takes is an elastic band and hair that’s at least four inches long.

Pixie Cut

This short, textured haircut is flattering for all sorts of face shapes – it’s generally worn short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on top. It gets its name from the pixie, a mischievous, mythical creature of British folklore, which is usually depicted with this hairstyle and pointed ears.  

Long Pixie

If you want to make your pixie cut more androgynous, try shaving down the sides. This gives your cut a little more edge, taking the feminine sweetness out of it. You could go all in and do a pixie with a total undercut too. Style the longer, top part of your hair with wax for moldable hold, with some perfectly undone texture.

High Top Pixie

A short, swept-back style is a great way to show off an androgynous look. Start by asking for the sides of your hair to be a shorter length, then tell your stylist you want the top section longer than the rest. Add a twist to your short ‘do by flipping up the front, using sculpting gel to lock the style in place.

Buzz Cut

Keep your androgynous haircut short and sweet with this style – for a hair to be a buzz cut it has to be the same length all the way around the head. A traditional buzz cut is clipped very close to the head with a razor. With the help of a friend and a set of clippers, you can totally do this cut at home, which is also super helpful because it saves you money and time on upkeep.

Long Buzz

Buzz cuts can be worn really short or slightly longer, depending on how you want to wear your hair. If you’re looking to maintain a teensy bit of hair, ask your stylist for a longer version of the buzz cut, where hair is around 2″ long. Make sure to use a texturizing product to add some texture and dimension to your cut.

Parted Bob

Those with longer hair can rock androgynous haircuts like this bob. Consider getting a bob that focuses on one length that falls at your cheekbones. Opt for a ‘70s middle parting for a style that’s a quasi-blend of masculine and feminine.

Short Blunt Bob

Short bobs are chic, on-trend and one of our favorite looks for the warmer seasons. Thick hair is a perfect base for a short blunt cut. The blunt edges of the style will highlight the thickness of your hair and frame your features.

Baby Bangs

Looking for a unique uber-cool look? This short blunt bob and baby bangs androgynous haircut combo is the perfect option!

Mushroom Cut

This mushroom cut is ideal if you want a cut that’ll allow you to style your hair every now and then. It’s also a great option if you’re seeking more volume and thickness to your hair. This season’s version comes with more nuanced details, which can mean more point-cutting for the guys near the hairline and sideburns, or soft fringe detailing for the ladies.

Wavy Crop

If you have naturally wavy hair, a short style like this can actually make your hair appear bouncier and less weighed down. 

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