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Top Ten Trends for Summer 2019

by Annie Gillan

With summer hitting us fast, the want of looking cute everyday is challenged with the need of staying cool. Instead of choosing one or the other, choose both! Looking good this summer is easy with these ten trends that will make sure you look cute while beating the heat.


Cherry is about to take over and we are so ready for this sweet trend! Either wear them as statement earrings or subtly on a dress. No matter how you wear it, this fashionable fruit is sure to make your outfits pop.


Beach or pool bags are a summertime necessity so why not make sure yours is on trend? Beaded bags are everywhere right now. You can easily find one to match your swimsuit and if you are spending your summer days in the city, don’t worry, beaded bags will still make a seasonal statement!


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Anyone else remember wearing hair clips as a kid and getting so excited to match them to outfits? The hair clip trend is back with a vengeance and we’re still just as excited! Grab a set of colorful hair clips to add pops of color to your outfit or go the more delicate route with a dainty pair. The creativity is endless with these accessories.


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This sea-inspired jewelry trend just screams summer can be worn in so many ways including real shells or classic metals on rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces…you name it!


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With the Valley temps climbing higher and higher, the struggle of dressing business appropriate but avoiding pieces that are too hot is all anyone can think about while getting ready. But look no further girl bosses, biker shorts and blazers are here to save the day! This combination is not only so cute and comfy but is practical for any situation.


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Neon has been a popular trend over the past few months and doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon! With it being summer, neon swimwear is EVERYWHERE. There are many other ways that neon can be incorporated for summer as well, such as hats, bags, tops, sandals and jewelry.


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Polka dots are one of those prints that never really go out of style but when it’s in style, it’s everywhere you look. Polka dots are one of the prints you can wear for any occasion whether going out or on a simple sundress. The newest take on the trend is piecing together different polka dot sizes.


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Remember when tiny glasses were a trend? Well move over glasses because now tiny purses are taking over! Like the glasses, these purses aren’t really practical unless you only carry lip gloss and your credit card…but they make any outfit trendy and cute so that’s all that matters, right?


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that leopard has been a huge trend for months now. As much as we love it, sometimes we have to switch it up. This summer try out a new animal print such as snakeskin, cow, zebra or tiger…or even mix’n match them together!


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Anything cowgirl related was a major hit during festival season, and the trend seems to be continuing into summer. The easiest way to incorporate the western trend into your outfits is by pairing them with some sassy cowgirl boots. They look especially cute with sundresses and if you want to be even more bold, try out a brightly colored cowgirl hat with an outfit or swimsuit!


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