Top 10 New Year’s Eve Dates


If you and your significant other still aren’t sure what to do this New Year’s Eve, you are in luck! At Kelleher International, we know just how important it is to bring in 2015 with your loved one…the right way. Whether you want to stay in or hit the town, we have the solution here. Below are varying New Year’s Eve date ideas for couples!

  •       Local Event – Browse your city’s local New Year’s Eve events to see if one in particular perks any interest. This might be a dance, masquerade, concert, comedy show, etc. Parties and events such as these are a great date idea for couples who want to dress up for a fun night out. Invite friends or family to make this outing even more spectacular.
  •       Escape to a B&B – If you and your partner would prefer a relaxing way to bring in 2015 without having to stay home, consider a bed and breakfast. This is an ideal way to escape while still maintaining a tranquil and intimate date. Choose a desired location and get situated.
  •       Stay home by the fire – Or, perhaps you would like the comfort of your own home. Stay in for the night and cuddle up by the fire. Cheers to your favorite drink of choice, and talk about the year with one another. Reminisce about memories made, ups and downs, and your favorite times together. Then, eagerly discuss plans for the future. Enjoy the intimacy, privacy and warmth of staying home!
  •       Beach night – Grab a fine champagne, blankets and food and head to the beach. Sit together by a bonfire and let the night begin. A date at the beach adds a hint of romance that is hard to beat. This also provides a beautiful view at midnight to watch any fireworks.
  •       Go on a cruise – Take the beach date one step further and hit the water. Go on a New Year’s Eve dinner cruise. Dress up, enjoy the activities and drinks, dance together, and cheers at midnight with others on the cruise! This is a stunning way to bring in 2015. The view of the water, lights, and surrounding city are bound to romance the both of you.
  •       Wine tasting – For the wine lovers, incorporate this preference into the evening. Tour the best wines of the year with a wine tasting date. Explore the different flavors with one another, and then choose your favorite to bring with you into the next year.
  •       Explore downtown – Bundle up and go downtown with one another to sightsee. Witness the Christmas lights and other decorations that have been strung. Sip hot chocolate or another beverage to stay warm. Then, just before midnight, slip inside a restaurant or bar and toast to the New Year.
  •       Lists – For an intimate date, make it a night for just the two of you. Stay up all evening making one of two lists: a 2015 bucket list or a list of resolutions. This will help preserve the relationship for the upcoming year. It also allows for the couple to set goals together and explore one another’s wants and needs even more.
  •       Elegant restaurant – This is a classic option. Take your date to a high-end, five star restaurant with a beautiful view. Overlook the city, water, mountains, etc. New Year’s Eve is the time to splurge and dine somewhere special. Pamper yourselves in your best attire, and enjoy a night of being catered to.
  •   Road trip – Pack up the car, plug in your favorite tunes, and hit the road. Go to the nearest national landmark, and enjoy both the time traveling with one another and the historic view. Ideas include the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, Washington Monument, Carlsbad Cavern, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Lady Liberty, and more.

The New Year is a time for renewal, loved ones and a fresh start. If you are bringing in 2015 with your significant other, then the above dates are a special way to celebrate. However, if you want other ideas for the rest of the year, be sure to refer to these unique year-round date ideas.

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