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Pregnancies. Breakups. Marriages… They all seem to happen at once in Hollywood. And when the gossip columns and magazines start heating up, I can’t help but want to jump in and gab about it on my blog! See what wows me…

Britney Spears Releases New Single

There’s nothing to hold against Britney Spears’ new song… it’s undeniably a home-run! “Hold It Against Me” was unleashed on the Web early Monday morning and is now the #1 song on iTunes! Britney’s electro-house hit is something you must listen to. Look no further and click here to listen for yourself!

Michael Douglas Beats Cancer

A sad story now becomes and inspirational one. Actor Michael Douglas, 66, who was diagnosed with throat cancer last year, is proud to say: “The Tumor is gone.” Douglas underwent chemotherapy and radiation to fight the tumor. “I feel good, relieved.”

Although the tumor has been removed, he is still precocious. “I have to check out on a monthly basis now to maintain. I guess there’s not a total euphoria. I’ll probably take a couple of months of getting checked out. But it’s been a wild six-month ride, “ says Douglas, according to

Are Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Dating?

Will someone please clear the air on this. Every magazine has the two actors (who would make an ADORABLE couple by the way) on its cover professing that they are an item. Well I for one am crossing my fingers that they are. We all saw the connection they had as stars on “The Proposal” and with both of their witty senses of humor, I’m sure they would get along great! However, they do have quite a few years between them. Bullock, 46, has 12 years on Reynolds, who is only 34. Here’s hoping!

New Celeb Fathers and Mothers

There are quite a few stars who are gearing up to be a mommy or daddy. Natalie Portman is engaged and pregnant to “Black Swan” dancer/co-star Benjamin Millepied. Jewel has a bun in the oven with her hubby Ty Murray. Owen Wilson and Jade Duell are expecting as well!

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