Themed Parties Seen On Every College Campus

Let’s be honest, college is probably the last time in most people’s lives where they are frequently presented with numerous costume party opportunities.  These themed parties are often every weekend or every other weekend, so college students need to get creative as the year goes on. Featured below are some of the top college themed parties every college student must attend before graduating.  Whether you’re looking for a themed party idea or just want to take a trip back to college days, these five themed parties are the definition of college life.

1.  Cowboys and Indians

If you’re wanting to dress up like the wild West or in your Navajo best, this themed party is fun for everyone!

2 cowboys and indians partyImage courtesy of

2.  Heaven and Hell

No matter if you’re feeling sweet or looking to get wild, this theme is fun for both in and out of college.  With the options of classy red and white cocktail dresses or more simple costume ideas, party attendees can make their outfit as casual or as fancy as they want.


3.  Mathletes and Athletes

A more simple way of saying a nerd and athlete themed event, Mathletes and Athletes is  one of the most common college party themes.  Attendees can choose between their favorite nerd ensemble or a cool athletic look!


4.  Catholic Schoolgirl

From high socks to collared shirts, this popular college theme party is probably the last time you’ll ever pull our your old Catholic schoolgirl uniform.


5.  Riscky Business

Girls love this theme, because of the comfort all night long.  It’s also one of the few themes women don’t feel pressured in the slightest to wear heels or wedges.


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