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The Ten Most Romantic States in America


Looking for romance?  Based on statistics of where MyFitnessPal members logged purchasing the most champagne and chocolate, along with statistics of members who logged the most romantic-related athletic activities throughout the year 2014, MyFitnessPal was able to calculate the 10 most romantic states in the United States.

Some of the states often considered romantic by many didn’t make the cut, while some surprising states slipped into the counting.  Whether it’s the charm of the cities, the unique cuisine, or the people themselves, moving to one of these ten states, just might increase your odds for romance!

10.  New York


The concrete jungle of the United States barely made the top 10 list.  Whether dining at a chic and romantic New York City restaurant or enjoying a more quiet New York scene, there is romance in the Big Apple.

9. Louisiana


8.  Arkansas


7.  Arizona


The Valley of the Sun slipped into the rankings.  With the breathtaking sunsets, it’s no wonder Arizona made the cut!

6.  Connecticut


5.  California


4.  Maryland


3.  North Dakota


2.  Washington


1.  Rhode Island


Finishing in first place, Rhode Island is considered the most romantic state, according to MyFitnessPal’s results.

For information on the methodology behind determining the 10 most romantic states, visit MyFitnessPal.

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