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Say Goodbye to the “Got Milk?” Campaign

Our generation has grown up to with the slogan “Got Milk?” paired with signature milk mustaches.  For years celebrities have been featured posing with milk mustaches with the “Got Milk?” slogan.  In efforts to push milk as protein, the dairy industry has retired the iconic celebrity ad campaign for a $50 million campaign that all people can relate to.  Replacing this well known milk campaign is the milk industry’s newest milk campaign, “Milk Life”.  Rather than featuring celebrities, the Milk Life campaign features ordinary every day people doing every day things.

The idea behind this campaign was to promote the idea that all people drink milk, along with its essential value to your health.  Featured below are some images from the new “Milk Life” campaign.






Now all that’s left is to see how the world responds to this newest campaign.  The approach may be different, but the chances for success are high!



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