Salons Are Back, Here’s What to Know Before Booking an Appointment


Salons are back in biz and it’s clear that everyone is in desperate need of a haircut and color touched up. However, with the pandemic, salon policies are changing. Here are some things you will want to know before you walk into the beauty parlor. 


Arizona is opening up their salons so all the people who have been stuck in quarantine and need their hair cut and colored can finally do so. However, you can no longer walk in and wait in the waiting room for a stylist to be available. You will have to make an appointment in advance. You cannot sit in the waiting area if you arrive for your appointment early. You will most likely have to sit in your car or arrive right on time for your appointment. Salons will have to limit the number of people inside the building at a time and appointments may not be available as quickly or as often as you would like. Make your appointment as soon as possible if you are in need of a touch-up, because it may take a while for your hairstylist to get you in. 

Safety Procedures

Along with scheduling appointments, salons will also have to take extreme safety procedures to make sure their employees and clients are safe and germ-free. 

Social Distancing

They will still have to practice social distancing and have to do their best to stay six feet apart. That is not possible between the hairstylist and the customer, but between salon chairs, they will have to stay six feet apart. 


Salons will also have to take extra sanitation protocols. They will have to continue the sanitation of tools used but most likely increase the frequency of sanitation, as well as sanitizing their station, such as wiping down their desk area, chair and washbowl.  


For the time being, employees are going to have to wear masks to be protected against any customers that could potentially have the coronavirus.

Everyone is excited to finally get their hair done and for life to go back to normal. Everyone is going to want to go out at the same time once everything is open, but you still need to stay safe, wash your hands, and stop the spread. Have patience if you cannot get an appointment right away, life is not going to get back to normal overnight. It will take time. 

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