“Rover” Book: Make Your Dog Famous!

Do you have an obsession with your pup? Do you think he or she should be famous? Well, your furry friend doesn’t have to win a pretty pup contest to get there… Photographer Andrew Grant’s smash hit book “Rover”, which sold out in just a few months after being featured on “Ellen” and “Extra!”, is in the works to produce his 2011 edition, and your good ol’ Spike is invited to pose for the camera!

Let’s face it, dog years have no comparison to human years (poor little guys). But here’s your chance to immortalize your doggie while also giving back to pet rescues! Every year millions of cats and dogs are sent to shelters in the US and only a small percentage of them find their way home. This adorable and benevolent book’s goal is to spur conversation, prompt change and encourage people to welcome shelter pets into their home.

Here’s how it works!
“Rover” will feature a wide variety of pure breads, mixes and shelter dogs. Sorry, but if a similar looking pup has already been included, Grant may not be able to accept.

Email a pic of your pup to A@AndrewGrantPhoto.com for consideration. Hurry! These pages sell out fast.

If your furry bud is selected Andrew will photograph him/her at his San Diego studio or at a studio near you before June 2011.

Options & Cost
A studio photo sesh and two page spread in “Rover” is $1,500. Go all out for your loved one and see your him or her in a spread and on one of the “Rover” covers for only $5,000.

Details on “Rover”
The adorable hardcovered book is museum quality at 12” x 12” and 468 pages long. With more than 400 up-close images in stunning detail, Andrew truly captures your loveable pal.

“Rover” is available at Barnes & Noble and fine retailers nationwide. Visit AndrewGrantPhoto.com for a complete list of retailers.

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