Project Runway Season 6 Contestants Announced!

All the drama, designers, dresses and disasters are finally back! The Peabody Award-winning reality show — Project Runway – has just announced its 16 contestants for the highly-anticipated sixth season, which has been postponed for nearly nine months. And the show, formerly airing on Bravo, will now be a Lifetime Television media craze with its premiere scheduled for Aug. 20. The lovely Heidi Klum will of course be there to host and say “auf wiedersehen” to each outed designer.


Even though the winner is already crowned and Fashion Week is over, us less important people not on the “inside” are excited to scope out the 16 chosen contestants from around the country:

• Shirin Askari, 25, Garland, Texas
• Louise Black, 32, Dallas
• Ra’Mon-Lawrence Coleman, 31, Milwaukee
• Rodney Epperson, 50, New York
• Ari Fish, 26, Kansas City, Mo
• Qristyl Frazier, 42, New York
• Gordana Gehlhausen, 45, San Diego
• Mitchell Hall, 26, Savannah, Ga.
• Althea Harper, 25, New York
• Logan Neitzel, 25, Seattle
• Nicolas Putvinksi, 27, New York
• Johnny Sakalis, 30, Los Angeles
• Irina Shabeyeva, 27, New York
• Christopher Straub, 30, Shakopee, Minn.
• Malvin Vein, 24, New York
• Carol Hannah Whitfield, 24, New York

The much-awaited sixth season of Project Runway, which is said to have lots of shootings in Los Angeles, has been put off for nine months while Bravo owner NBC Universal disputed with the Weinstein Co. Tim Gunn, our favorite stylist mentor, has us buzzing already as he has been quoted saying the new season is “a big-time shocker, some purported cheating.. The blogs will be clogged.”

The contestants are said to be a “culturally diverse group” with ages ranging from 24 to 50 and three of them originally from Bosnia, Russia and the Republic of Georgia.

Project Runway producers, Weinstein Company, created quite a stir when they decided to accept a 5-year deal with Lifetime Television, which caused a lawsuit between the producers and Bravo owners NBC Universal. They sited a violation of contract which was finally settled on April 1, 2009 for a undisclosed sum, according to Wikipedia.

Project Runway is a reality award-winning show now airing on Lifetime Television (previously on Bravo network) that has fashion designers competing for their chance to not only be a part of New York Fashion Week but to also win a lump sum of money to start their own line. The show is hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, who also judges alongside Nina Garcia (Elle Magazine) and Michael Kors (Fashion Designer).

  1. i like the Fashion Show on Bravo so much more. or is it on A&E. either way, its better. cooler challenges.

  2. I have been waiting for it to come back for such a long time. I heard its move to L.A is going to be awesome! So close to home! Has anyone heard that Project Runway has chosen FIDM as their West Coast location???Is that true? Because that is really cool! I wanted to apply to the college this fall!I havent forgotten about you Project Runway!!!

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