Over the Years Look at Bruce’s Transformation to Caitlyn Jenner

CGbVow8W8AAp0cs.jpg-largeImage via Vanity Fair Twitter

The transformation to the Caitlyn Jenner seen on the cover of Vanity Fair reading “Call me Caitlyn” was not an overnight transformation.  The confident and beautiful Caitlyn Jenner sweeping the internet today is not the Jenner we first got to know.

Take a trip down memory lane and see Bruce’s gradual transformation to the Caitlyn we see today.

Bruce in 1968

Image via Newtown High yearbook / Splash

Bruce in 1972

Image via Wire Images/NY Daily News

Bruce in 1976

Image via Getty Images/New York Daily News

Bruce Jenner in 1980

Image via Getty Images/New York Daily News

 Bruce Jenner in 1985

Image via LTD/Wire Image/NY Daily News

Bruce Jenner on November 2, 2014

Image via Splash News. Source: NY Daily News

Bruce on December 3, 2014

Image via FK-Rol-Juilano/X17online.com

Bruce on January 14, 2015

Image via AKM-GSI on NY Daily News

Bruce Jenner on April 25, 2015

ABC News, NYDN front cover via New York Daily News

Caitlyn Jenner Today


View Caitlyn Jenner’s “Finally ‘Free'” feature with Vanity Fair below.

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