Now You Can Play MONOPOLY: Tucson Edition!

MONOPOLY: Tucson Edition is now on sale at Tucson-area retailers and online. Explore Tucson’s breathtaking sunsets, beautiful landscapes and rich history through this spin on the traditional MONOPOLY game. 

Tucson is a historically and culturally diverse community with rich Native American, Spanish and Mexican roots and many other cultures. Known as the soul of the Sonoran Desert, Tucson is home to some of Arizona’s most iconic locations and is coined as the “flavor of the Southwest.” 

MONOPOLY: Tucson Edition is Hasbro’s classic board game, perfect for two to six players and best for ages eigh and up. The game includes eigh classic metal tokens and new spaces you’ll recognize quickly. The stunning collage of Tucson’s natural beauty fills the board, giving your everyday MONOPOLY a run for its money. This edition of MONOPOLY plays the same as your traditional one, so get ready to play the timeless game and build your Tucson empire with local property cards.

MONOPOLY changed the board game world in 1935 when it first hit the shelves, and, over the last 89 years, its iconicness has remained unchanged. A timeless classic and family favorite, the MONOPOLY board game has been enjoyed by many generations and will continue to be a favorite in years to come. MONOPOLY continues to carry its board game reign as companies such as Top Trump USA and Hasbro develop new, timely boards and themes. 

Top Trumps USA, the American decision of Winning Moves International, are the creators of the MONOPOLY: Tucson Edition and the MONOPOLY city experience boards along with many other classic games and puzzles. 

The game is now available for purchase at Tucson-area venues, nonprofits and retailers, including El Regalo at the Rialto Theatre, Tucson Games and Gadgets, Ben’s Bells, Posner’s Art Store, Skate Country and the Tucson Roadrunners. You can also purchase the game on the Top Trumps website here.

Photos courtesy Top Trumps USA

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