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MTV Shoots Reality Show In Scottsdale

Set your TiVos next week because a popular MTV dating show produced in Scottsdale by creators of the hit MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” is set to premiere and feature several well-known Scottsdale-ites including plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Shapiro, F.A.C.S. of Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon in Paradise Valley.

Ladies, you’re not the only ones with guy problems. “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” is a reality show featuring “nice” young women dating “not-so-nice” young men and helps them work through their issues to decide whether or not the relationship is healthy and if they should stay together. On the show, couples engage in eyebrow-raising and even funny experiences designed to test their relationships’ limits.

Producers for the show scouted various locations that aligned with real issues one young Scottsdale couple was facing and selected Dr. Shapiro to provide real medical advice based on reputation and expertise.

“The local twenty-something couple profiled in the series, ‘Brittany and R.J’, struggle over whether or not Brittany should have plastic surgery. Her boyfriend, R.J, insists that she should but she is not so sure about the decision. For the show, the couple consulted with Dr. Shapiro for his expert advice and their episode ends with Brittany making an interesting decision about her surgical fate.”

Dr. Shapiro is featured on the show giving advice to the young woman about the risks and complications of plastic surgery, the importance of developing a healthy self-image and making any decisions about surgery based on her own desires and not the desires of anyone else. Dr. Shapiro addresses the image pressures of the Scottsdale “scene” as well as the pressure many women often face from husbands and boyfriends about making the decision to have plastic surgery.

The third season of MTV’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” premieres on MTV (airs on Cox channel 29 in Phoenix) on November 1st. The episode featuring Dr. Shapiro and other Scottsdale-area landmarks will air on either November 3rd or 5th, 2010.

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