Local Entrepreneur Launches Candid Digital Talk Show, ‘Now with Jen’

Jen Kaplan, local entrepreneur, and Arizona native is excited to announce the official launch of her digital talk show, Now with Jen.

Produced by Dave Pratt of Star Worldwide Networks and Joe Reynolds of Skyline Productions, the show brings together community leaders across different industries with engaging, inspiring, and laid-back conversations.

Kaplan peels back the curtain of local high-profile individuals including Emmy Award-winning journalist Yetta Gibson, Steve Schnall, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation, Mike Bianco, CEO of AvAir in the aerospace industry, Lyndsey Fry, Olympic Silver Medalist, Arizona Coyotes Director of External Engagement as well as President of the Arizona Kachinas girl’s hockey association, and many others.

As someone who was voted ‘senior-most talkative’ in high school, I’ve always aspired for my own platform to support and talk to the people of our community that is making an impact and difference, and learn about their journey.

It’s a real ‘pinch me’ moment to see my vision come to life through the fun and lively set design and giving a behind-the-scenes look at these local leaders who will inspire, relate and resonate with the viewers.

– Jen Kaplan

Kaplan created a set that’s welcoming and inviting so guests feel a sense of comfort, as if they were in her home sharing intimate and easygoing banter.

While it is a cozy set, it also embodies her personality through the pops of bright colors, candy-filled baskets, as well as décor pieces with her signature phrases like “do your thing.”

The Arizona State University graduate plunged into the Valley’s business world in 2005 when she cofounded a marketing and public relations company.

Five years later, she decided to venture on her own and founded Evolve Public Relations and Marketing, with clients from corporate to non-profit to national companies.

Kaplan is born a communicator and has been behind the scenes crafting people’s stories for over a decade, so shifting to be in front of the camera is a seemingly natural process for the conversationalist.

Now with Jen is about real people that are making a true difference. We pay careful attention to detail.

From the set to the camera angles, even down to the images and video we use to help tell their stories. I think the authenticity comes across through the lens when you watch Jen interview her guests.

– Joe Reynolds, owner and creative director of Skyline Productions

Now with Jen will release weekly segments every Friday, featuring the people that make this bustling, growing city so special and vibrant. Viewers can expect candid and friendly conversations highlighting personal stories, experiences, triumphs, lessons learned, goals and ambitions, and everything under the Valley of the Sun.

Sharing Arizona’s stories with Jen and the Skyline Productions team led by Joe Reynolds is an inspirational process.

Along with our incredible partners at Skyline Productions and Jen’s natural talent to communicate, Star Worldwide Networks is able to produce the best interview show in Arizona. We are very proud of Now with Jen and excited for the future with a bright new star!

– Dave Pratt, Star Worldwide Networks owner and Hall of Fame Broadcaster

For more details, visit nowwithjen.com, and follow the show on Facebook and Instagram.

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