Join Janice’s Women’s Shelter at the “Tour of Paris” Inaugural Gala

Join Shante Saulberry for a true red carpet experience as you stroll the red carpet in your black-tie event attire. This incredible night will be loads of fun, filled with music, dancing, live entertainment, a live auction by Celebrity Auctioneer Letitia Frye, a cigar bar, and a few more surprises to create a shimmering Night in Paris.

Janice’s Women’s Center will be a full-service women’s shelter with a unique mission to transform lives. We are determined to help and house homeless women or need safe lodging during domestic violence disputes. We serve women in need and assist them in gaining the skills necessary to succeed in the future.

– Shante Saulsberry, founder of Janice’s Women’s Center

The goals at Janice’s Women’s Center go beyond the here and now. They work to ensure that the women in their care are provided with services that will provide them with valuable skills.

At Janice’s Women’s Center:

• Teach women the art of self-reliance.

•Teach the life skills necessary to live a healthy and balanced life.

• Teach women how to make healthy choices in their life and how to turn those choices into habits.

Building a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, but at Janice’s Women’s Center, they provide the services to be a better you.

Shante Saulberry is working vigorously to invest in a better and more sustainable future for the homeless women and women dealing with domestic violence in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. 

We believe that no other organizations and care centers are facilitating these women in unfortunate circumstances as much as we at Janice’s Women’s Center plan to.

The funds raised through this gala will help contribute towards the $8 million construction of a fantastic facility that will support battered women. This facility will be built out of Cargo Containers and will provide 52 tiny homes for the privacy of the women and children entering the care of Janice’s Women’s Center. 

The resources have been structured to suit each woman, but the focus is to provide entrepreneurship programs to sustain their wealth and invest in themselves.

Thank you so much for being so supportive on behalf of Janice’s Women’s Center, and we hope to see you at a “Tour of Paris!”

– Shante Saulberry, founder of Janice’s Women’s Shelter
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