How To Treat Each Zodiac Sign to Some Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

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What better way to show someone you care than gifting them with some self-care. Leslie Hale, Psychic Astrologer at, is sharing the best ways to treat yourself or someone special this Valentine’s Day based on Zodiac sign. 


Aries is ruled by Mars, the action planet. This sign likes to stay busy, and to stay busy Aries needs to keep up with their fitness and release some of their fiery energy. Running, ice skating and horseback riding are all healthy activities that can let the love in for an Aries. Gifts like a horseback ride, trip to the ski slopes, or even an ice rink session would suit Aries perfectly with their love of epic surprises.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and is the second sign of spring when the earth becomes lush. Venus has a hard time with stress and nonstop day to day activities so a nature walk or a trip to an arboretum is just the thing to soothe the spirit and let the love in for a Taurus. Taurus likes tangible, sensual objects and things more than other signs so gifting them with a facial or massage is ideal for the sign ruled by Venus.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, and likes personal interaction and conversation with others. Gemini is seldom a loner. To stay in top shape Gemini must be mentally and intellectually fit. Activities such as going to plays, movies, and short trips excite those born under the sign of Mercury, and let the love in. A perfect gift for a Gemini would be a book about something they are interested in or anything that stimulates and captures their mind. A night out to a ‘Who done it’ play would be the perfect gift for Gemini especially if there is audience interaction. Gemini is open to the healing arts so a reiki session would be perfect.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is the most emotional of signs, frequently needing periods of recuperation and solace from their day to day activities. Cancer is typically geared toward taking care of others, so activities where they can enjoy being taken care of for a change, can let the love in for a Cancer. A home-cooked or catered meal is an ideal activity that a Cancer would appreciate. Even dinner at a nice restaurant or a relaxing spa service would suit. As Cancer is geared toward food and cooking more than others, gifts that promote healthy eating appeal to a Cancer. A juicer, gourmet selection of herbal teas that soothe, or anything of this sort would be an ideal gift for Cancer.


Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun must shine for Leo to feel good about themselves. Leo is by nature a positive and energetic fire sign and it is important Leo and their big heart feel appreciated and cared for most of all. Leo typically likes a crowd and to shine, and since they are naturally active, a night out with dancing, friends, and fun is a necessity for this sign. Anything that pampers Leo and makes them feel good would make a great gift, an herbal face mask would be just the ticket.


Virgo along with Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules the intellect, speech and the mind. Virgo is much more low key than Gemini and more analytical as well. Virgo is the ruler of the 6th house of health and fitness, and the health food boom occurred during a time that Saturn was in Virgo so this is a natural interest. As an earth sign, Virgo appreciates hikes, walks along the beach or any activity connected to fitness. Planning is essential to Virgo, no last-minute reservations or plans would work here. An overnight trip to a country bed and breakfast would be one way to let the love in for Virgo. A perfect gift for this sign would be a reflexology session.


Libra is the sign that rules romance, and Libra’s planetary ruler is Venus. This Air sign likes travel, short trips, and as the sign that seeks balance the most: this is a necessity. Libra is drawn to beauty and to feel good Libra needs a pleasant if not beautiful environment. Nature trips can be fine as long as they are not arduous or strenuous. A car trip through a wildlife park or a meal with an ocean, mountain or some other scenic view would let the love in for a Libra. A perfect gift would be a soothing meditation tape or subscription to a meditation site or class.


Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. This is a water sign and those born under Scorpio are deep, mysterious, and like to merge themselves deeply into things or with others. Scorpio is perfectly content at home surrounded by their inner circle, but are typically not that trusting, so they like being with those they have known for a long time. They feel secure with people that have proven their friendship.  Scorpio is not a natural athlete or geared toward arduous activities but water views can greatly appeal. As Scorpio likes secrets and to dig deeply into things a perfect gift for Scorpio would be a trip to a psychic or medium.


Sagittarius is a positive sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. To feel good about themselves a Sagittarius needs to always be expanding their world in some way whether it is through travel, philosophy or new and different conversations or activities. Sagittarius likes to feel free to move around and explore their options, and cannot be bored. This sign can let the love in by going on an adventure, even if it is just to a new restaurant, or to explore a new area, or check out a new philosophy. A trip to an exotic location is ideal for Sagittarius but if this is not in the budget, a trip to something close by will work just as well and make them feel good. A great gift is anything that can expand their mind such as a subscription to a travel magazine or an astrological reading.


Capricorn is the sign ruled by Saturn the planet of discipline, responsibility, and stability. Capricorn often spends their life in the quest for achievement and stability, and they are not known for frivolity or spending large sums of money on themselves. Capricorn can let love in by relaxing for a while instead of focusing on constant achievement. Capricorn is portrayed by the mountain goat because of their constant steady uphill climb. For a special treat, take the mountain goat somewhere in the great outdoors because nothing relaxes and soothes like nature. Capricorn is an earth sign so a perfect gift would be something connected to the earth. A beautiful ficus tree or the like could keep them connected to the outdoors. An alternative would be a soothing hour-long nature CD, so they can relax after a hard day’s work.


Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change, hence Aquarius’s reputation toward quirkiness and love of things that are outside the box. Aquarius is a free thinker and often ahead of their time, not afraid to try new options. Their independence does not mix well with group sports or crowds. Aquarius can let in the love through small conversational social groups, time spent alone in meditation, camping or studying philosophy since they think about humanity’s problems often. A perfect gift for Aquarius would be something totally unique like a tarot reading, book of poetry or meditation class.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune (and Jupiter) the planet of dreams, illusions, spirituality and mysticism.  Pisces is compassionate and kind and Neptune is connected with the ocean. It is easy for Pisces to let the love in if they are connected to the water. Beaches, spas, hot tubs, bubble baths, steam rooms, and even sweat lodges or swimming pools are all activities Pisces can relate to and release emotional tension. A trip to a planetarium or observatory is ideal for Pisces as is a night of stargazing. Self-healing books and tapes, bach flower essences, and scents are perfect gifts for Pisces.

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