How Reviver is Revolutionizing Driving With Its Digital License Plate

Reviver, developer of the world’s first digital license plate and connected vehicle platform, is transforming and modernizing the driving experience here in Arizona and across the country. 

Currently available for purchase in Arizona, California and Michigan, the Reviver digital license plate uses innovative technology and a convenient smartphone-controlled platform to connect drivers to their vehicles and improve the auto world for everyone, including drivers, DMVs, highway patrol, auto dealerships and commercial fleet businesses.

“It’s been probably a hundred plus years that we’ve been using the same kind of technology for the license plate—it’s a piece of tin metal that’s attached to the vehicle,” says Reviver Co-Founder Neville Boston, pictured below. “[The RPlate] is an e-paper device that is digital and what it allows you to do is to update the plate remotely. So, you can update your registration renewal, you can do messaging, if the vehicle is stolen you can put ‘stolen’ on the plate- you have the ability to track the plate. So, just think about everything on the vehicle being smart except for the plate. Now, you have a smart plate.” 

In addition to safety alerts and in-app registration, the battery-operated, DMV-approved RPlate offers quick and easy self-installation, customizable visuals, bluetooth connectivity and more—all monitored and controlled through the RPlate mobile app.

As possibilities for the connected car continue to expand, Reviver is set to introduce new developments that will reimagine the everyday driving experience for Arizonans even more. 

“We’re working on—and we’ll be launching in the next two weeks—a tolling application, so you’ll be able to do tolling through the plate . . . anywhere in the country, you know, from here to New York and back, which is fantastic,” says Boston. “We’re also going to be working on a parking aggregation, so that you can actually use the plate as a parking meter when you’re parked. And then we’re also looking at payments to be able to streamline the ability to make payments through the license plate because it knows proximity. So there’s a lot of really interesting things that you can think about integrating when it comes to how you deal with compliance.”

Additional upcoming features of the RPlate include the ability to utilize the plate as a virtual wallet, allowing you to store and tie personal information to your wallet, such as vehicle registration cards, and pay for tolling fees directly on the Reviver app, plus an expanded selection of fully customizable banner messages to personalize your vehicle and license plate. 

“Working with the Department of Transportation and DMV in Arizona has been an absolute pleasure. Those guys really get it, they’re really smart, they’re really wanting to do what’s best for their consumers and they look at things in a very creative way, so we really appreciate that,” Boston adds. “We appreciate partnership, and I think that’s what we’re focused on this year as we’re growing, is partnering—not recreating the wheel, but using partnership to expand and grow.”

The RPlate can be purchased online here or at your auto dealership. To learn more, visit

Photos courtesy Reviver

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