Four-In-One Foundation, Mineral Air: Make Your Face Feel Bright and Airy

Written by Jenna Medlin-Roark

Makeup has become a passion of mine since COVID-19 ensued in early 2020. It helped to make me feel like I was going somewhere, even if that somewhere was to my kitchen for a bag of potato chips.

Something about creating art on my skin with every stroke of the brush on my eyelid, lip, or cheek brought me out of the slump caused by quarantine.

As a young adult, I have regular acne and scarring on my face and rosacea on my cheeks and chin. It has been a journey finding a foundation that fits my skin and everyday activities, but then I came across Mineral Air. This airbrush foundation made it easy to achieve the lightweight feeling of makeup on my skin while still covering up blemishes and redness.

Mineral air foundation comes in a sleek black unit that is charged using a micro USB. This unit can be used for foundation, blush, and bronzer using the airbrush cleaner between applications. Just a few drops of foundation cover the entirety of your face, and one drop of blush and bronzer will help to contour your cheeks, chin, and forehead. 

This luxurious makeup is the perfect combination of full coverage makeup while looking natural on the face and feeling lightweight. This foundation is not shiny nor matte, and it seems as if it is your natural skin. The blush is bright and leaves your face feeling illuminated. The applicator is black and sleek while also being small enough to tote in a medium-sized makeup bag. Mineral Air also pairs well with eyeshadow and is a great base to apply any eyeshadow look on!

Mineral Air helped me achieve my makeup goals and became a staple in my makeup routine. It works well with other products and makes my face feel light and full coverage! I received many compliments on how bright my face looked after the application of Mineral Air!

– Jenna Medlin-Roark, Journalism Intern.

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