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Fit with Flip Flops

Here in the state where the sun rarely ceases to shine, comfortable flip flops are a must-have. After becoming increasingly popular over the past year, Fit Flops, which claim to tone your legs and tush while you wear them, have officially become a world-wide summer hit. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Oprah promoted the shoe as one of her “Favorite Things for Summer”, and that Pamela Anderson has been spotted numerous times wearing her pair. The UK-based company claims that Fit Flops utilize “micro-wobbleboard technology”, creating a workout for your muscles when you walk, which in turn works as a toning exercise. 

Despite some controversy (a 20/20 news segment gave mixed reviews), Fit Flops’ success is undeniable. As for an incentive to give in to the hot trend, this summer, if you are seen wearing a pair of the red Fit Flops by a company insider, you will win a certificate for a free pair. Also, be sure to check out the season’s newest style: the Aurelia, which is a spin on the ever-stylish gladiator sandle. www.thefitflop.com for retailer information.

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