Disneyland Approved for $2 Billion California Expansion

DisneylandForward Avatar Conceptual Rendering

It’s official! The happiest place on Earth is bringing in more smiles with approval of its latest expansion plan. 

Anaheim City Council has approved Disneyland’s projected $2 billion development project, DisneylandForward, including a $40 million purchase of Anaheim streets. 

The project is expected to create up to 4,584 new jobs during operations and 8,960 construction jobs in the development process, along with a potential annual revenue of $30 million for the city of Anaheim. 

Disney plans to rezone land that currently has hotels and parking lots into new attractions for park-goers to enjoy. 

“We’ve worked closely with city staff, neighbors, and our local community over the past three years to make sure DisneylandForward is a win for everyone—I’m grateful the city council agrees and voted to work with us on this legacy project that will set up Disneyland Resort and the City of Anaheim for an incredibly bright future,” wrote Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock on the Disney Parks blog

Specific designs are still unreleased, but Disney has revealed concept art along with a map of the proposed new Disneyland on the DisneylandForward website. 

Based on the map, there is a possibility of a new immersive theme park which would feature a new hotel, shops, restaurants and entertainment. A Disney California Adventure Park expansion including parking and transport could also be put in. 

The project gives Disney flexibility on its existing properties with the possibility of taking inspiration from new lands at their international locations. This could include “Tangled”- and “Peter Pan”-inspired attractions. The company has also named “Zootopia” and “Toy Story” Land as inspirations for the park. 

With the new approvals, Disney hopes to create more technologically advanced entertainment within the resort with the possibility of an “Avatar”-themed attraction included in expansion. 

Disneyland extended thanks to residents, local businesses and stakeholders for their enthusiasm and support as their involvement has been vital to meeting the city’s needs and aspirations. 

For more information and updates visit disneylandforward.com.

Renderings courtesy DisneylandForward

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