Couture Up Close

For us girls, designer garments fresh from the runway are practically a gift from above–but why? Or, more importantly, how are such masterpieces created? Well, now is your chance to find out with Phoenix Art Museum’s lecture, Off the Runway: Behind the Scenes at Chado Ralph Rucci, taking place at 7 pm this Tuesday. The Museum will host Coco Mitchell, New York Fashion Designer Chado Ralph Rucci’s fit model and muse, as she goes into details about Rucci’s workshop and his creation process. Don’t miss your chance to squelch all your incessant wondering of how a simple idea becomes a full on trend that sweeps the country…or, if it’s really good, the world.

No time to spare Tuesday? You will still have the opportunity to view the Chado Ralph Rucci exhibition at the museum until Aug. 17, which displays actual runway wear, from day to evening.

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