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Check Out The Insane Fashion Show Taking Place ON TOP of the Hoover Dam

(OFFICIAL) Jessica Minh Anh at Hoover Dam USA in Saks Fifth Avenue dress

Remember the supermodel who famously transformed England’s iconic London’s Tower Bridge into a sky-high catwalk? Five years and fifteen wild fashion productions later, Jessica Minh Anh is set to impress with the first ever fashion phenomenon atop modern engineering masterpiece, the Hoover Dam, on June 26.

Exquisite haute couture and creative fashion collections from all over the world will strut down a one-hundred-metre curved runway at the Hoover Dam. Minh Anh is no stranger to mind-blowing productions with previous shows at iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center and Grand Canyon Skywalk.

(OFFICIAL) Jessica Minh Anh at Hoover Dam USA in Rami Kadi dress

This is the second time Jessica Minh Anh has combined renewal energy and fashion after her acclaimed solar powered catwalk in Spain. Always pushing the visual envelope, Jessica’s upcoming extravaganza will include a cinematic backdrop featuring the world’s largest man-made reservoir, Lake Mead, and the majestic Black Canyon.

Jessica Minh Anh has exclusively selected returning designers including Peruvian artist Ani Alvarez Calderon, Turkish haute couturier Gulnur Gunes, Pakistan award-winning designer Syeda Amera, and New York designer Cristina Sabatini. New faces such as Italian talent Kine Dione, Malaysian pride Emmanuel Haute Couture, Hong Kong brand Kaprice, Brazilian representative Patricia Nascimento, Peru’s Christian Zerrá, and Texas-based fashion house Aplomo will also take the stage.

(OFFICIAL) Jessica Minh Anh at Hoover Dam USA in Ani Alvarez Calderon 2

American companies including Joy Mangano, AVP Nationwide Productions, Saks Fifth Avenue Las Vegas, The Mirror Mirror salon, Arrow Stage Lines, Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel & Casino, Body in Mind Pilates Studio, JB Pro Graphics, Icelandic company Icelandic Glacial, and Dutch brand Haas-Jordan will also contribute to the show.

Visit www.jmodelmanagement.co.uk for more info on Jessica and her runway shows.

(OFFICIAL) Jessica Minh Anh at Hoover Dam USA in Ani Alvarez Calderon 3

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