Best Arizona Cities to Find Love

Scottsdale singles are looking to commit, while singles in Tucson are more apt to travel long distances to find their match, according to a study conducted by

The international online dating site surveyed data from more than 2 million singles nationwide, discovering which U.S. cities offer the best chances to find love.

“We wanted to understand which areas of the country were the best for singles who were looking for things like marriage and wanting to have children,” said Plenty of Fish Product Manager Sarah Gooding.

AZ Foothills Magazine - Photo Courtesy Mark Macias
Photo: Mark Macias, courtesy Plenty of Fish

According to the study, Scottsdale is the number one city in Arizona where both single men (25%) and single women (35%) are looking for a relationship. However, singles in Scottsdale are less likely to want children.

Gooding said this difference could be due to the city’s age demographic.

“Scottsdale has the highest percentage of singles over the age of 45 in comparison to other cities in Arizona,” she said. “People may already have children or they might be past the age of being able to start a family.”

Meanwhile, single men in Glendale have the highest likelihood of finding relationships online, while single women residing in Mesa have the highest likelihood of finding an online match.

Tempe is the number one city in the state where single women (25%) want to have children.

“Just because someone wants a child doesn’t mean they want children tomorrow,” Gooding said. “The data speaks a bit to women in Tempe … they have the maternal gene and know that one day they do want a family.”

For all singles looking for love online, Gooding suggests expanding search preferences.

“Open up the pool of singles by expanding your search criteria,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s about the chemistry and the connection, not how much they make or how old or how tall they are.”

Arizona cities where singles are most likely to find a relationship online:

For Men
1. Glendale
2. Chandler
3. Tucson
4. Mesa

For Women
1. Mesa
2. Chandler
3. Glendale
4. Tucson
5. Phoenix
6. Scottsdale

Arizona cities where single men and women are most likely to want a relationship:
1. Scottsdale
2. Tempe

Arizona cities where single women are more likely to search for love within 5 miles of where they live
1. Mesa
2. Scottsdale

Arizona cities where single women are least likely to search for love over 100 miles
1. Tucson

Arizona cities where single women are most likely to want children
1. Tempe

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