AZFoothills Pinterest Covers the Best in Valley and Luxury Living

Gaining more than 1 million page views per month from national and international audiences, it’s no wonder that is not only the leading luxury lifestyle publication for the Valley, but website, period.

With daily pins to boards like “Nightlife,” “Beauty & Spa” and “Cocktails,” AZFoothills’ Pinterest has you covered with DIYs, gorgeous photo eye candy and our latest articles in Luxury Travel, Style, Valley Events and Entertainment, and so much more.

Kai Neighbors, AZFoothills’ own Pinterest and social media guru, shares what she looks for when curating and pinning only the best content daily to an average of 8,600 AZFoothills Pinterest followers.

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Q: With 40 Pinterest boards like “Great Escapes” and “Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix,” how did you come up with such interesting and engaging boards and why those specific topics?

A: I try to maintain and create boards that I think people would be interested in viewing and re-pinning. The boards also coincide with topics or popular articles on the Arizona Foothills website. Everyone likes to look at pictures of great vacation destinations as well as food, health and fitness.  It’s also nice to re-pin things like “Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix” so you can go back on it later to get ideas for the weekend!

Q: How often does AZFoothills Pinterest pin and re-pin to these boards?

A: I try to pin and re-pin about 20 times per day, however a lot of time is spent on following the right people and boards.

Q: What seems to be the most popular boards?

A: All of the boards are close in terms of followers. However, the three most popular are Scrumptious (Food and Recipes), Cocktails and Health & Fitness. Everyone is interested in eating, drinking and working out!

Q: Is there a certain theme or aesthetic that you try to maintain across boards?

A: The theme of each board coincides with the topic, but for the overall main page I try to pick pictures that are the most eye-cathing and appealing. Lots of color and quality photography seems to work the best.

Q: AZFoothills has thousands of Pinterest followers from all over the world. How do you connect and engage all of them?

A: Right now we are at 8600 followers and growing by the minute! I try to pin in each category daily so that there is something that appeals to every one of our followers.

Q: What are some of your favorite Pinterest users to follow and gain “pinspiration” from?

A: Some of my favorite boards to follow are the ones that relate to my personal favorite topics and ones that I think would interest Arizona Foothills Magazine readers. There are no specific ones, I try to find new boards to follow everyday.

Q: What is your favorite part about Pinterest and why is it such an awesome tool for people to use?

A: My favorite part about Pinterest is the inspiration that it gives me personally, whether it’s a recipe idea, an outfit concept or travel inspiration. It allows you to think out of the box and consider things that wouldn’t normally come to mind.

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